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Transition from cot to bed

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fifitot Thu 17-Jul-08 21:32:26

DD is 2 and just moved to bed as was climbing out of cot. It seemed to be going well but after the first night she was increasingly reluctant to go to sleep. Foolishly me or OH would sit by the bed until she dropped off which seemed to work. However when she has begun to wake in the night and now wants us back in there beside her. it has ended up one of us actually sleeping on the floor next to her as she just cries if we leave her again.

She used to sleep all the way through but now is up 2 or 3 times a night. When she was younger I did CC and it worked but feel can't really do this now as she gets out of the cot and hangs over the gate on her bedroom door, screaming her head off! I mean, if she went to sleep using cc she would end up on the floor surely?

Any suggestions? I want to start on Friday, with NOT sleeping in her room. Me and OH need to sleep together FFS, not one of us in with DD and on the floor to boot!!!!

DiscoDizzy Thu 17-Jul-08 21:39:05

Think you need to revert back to getting her back into a routine that involves just putting her back to bed and keep putting her back if she gets up. That way she'll learn to go back to sleep on her own. If her getting up and down is unbearable over a long period of time get a stairgate for her door [ smile]

Just make the decision to get on with it and bite the bullet.

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