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How can I help ds nap for longer?

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Pheebe Fri 07-Jan-05 22:28:26

My ds is 14 weeks old now and has fallen into a pattern of napping for 20 minutes every hour and a half, 2 hours tops hroughout the day. While I don't mind this at all he gets very cranky by mid afternoon and I know he would feel better if he slept less often but for longer. He generally sleeps well at night, going down about 6.30 ish, dream feed at 11ish then a night feed around 3 when he's having a growing spurt then sleeping on til 6 or 7ish. Any ideas for how I could help him sleep better in the day gratefully received.

TracyK Sat 08-Jan-05 21:04:43

he's still v young - give him time - he'll get better - mine did around 5 mo

marmee Mon 17-Jan-05 15:08:05

Just seen this message - any luck yet Pheebee? I'm just trying to get my ds (16 wks) into more of a routine for daytime naps. At the mo. he'll only go down in his cot for 30 -40 mins tops, which is OK for little am and pm naps but he'll only sleep longer if I wheel him round for a bit then bring him home. This works for me and you could try it, but I know what you mean about feeling like he'd be happier if he could sleep properly in his cot. He's so unhappy when he wakes up early from a lunchtime-ish nap.

Let me know if you discover the secret.

kateandtoby Mon 17-Jan-05 15:17:50

sorry not to add a solution ... just joining in with a me too!! my ds naps every 1.5 or 1.7hrs.. and again only for 45mins... trying to keep him going with tracey hogg shh and pat method or pick up and put down ... but been doing it for 2 weeks with no change... only dh has had some luck - got him to go for 2hrs on sat by putting a muslin over his head... but didn't work for me!

feel exactly the same - if only he could sleep less often for longer...

any tips!!

kateandtoby Mon 17-Jan-05 15:18:33

oops forgot to say ds is 15.5 wks

fredly Tue 18-Jan-05 17:19:00

my dd used to do that - would sleep for a max of 30mn at each nap - until we decided to put her down still awake, with her cuskie, a bit of comforting and some nursery music for 5/10mn. She immediately started napping for an average of 1hour each time. She's also stopped waking up screaming which I think she did because she couldn't 'understand' why mummy or daddy wasn't here first thing when they had been here last thing - if that makes sense ! she's 18 weeks old and we started this routine maybe 2/3 weeks ago. That rocking and shushing business was just annoying her, and it took us a long time to realise !

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