2 to 1 nap transition

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FATEdestiny Sat 14-Aug-21 15:52:25

I would suggest she's not getting enough daytime sleep, and that is the cause of your shorter nights sleep (over tiredness causes baby to wake more easily in the light sleep phase).

I would suggest an earlier morning nap as a means to make it longer, while maintaining approximately the same wake up time. The expected Wake Windows for 2-nap days is 234:
2h awake from waking to first nap
3h awake between naps
4h awake from second nap to bedtime.

225 would also work, if that suits.

How easy is it to get baby to sleep? How long from baby being fully awake to fully asleep? And does that take much input from you?

If it takes longer than 10 minutes for baby to go to sleep or needs any input from you, then it's unreasonable to say baby "wants" to to be awake for X amount of time. Because that would be a settling issue, rather than being under tired.

Sleepless2022 Fri 13-Aug-21 22:19:21

Are we ready for this at 11 months? shock

DD naps no sooner than 3.5 hours after waking in the morning, between 10-30 mins. If 30 mins I can’t get her to nap any sooner than 3 hours after that, for up to 2 hours. If a 2 hour nap, she then wants to be awake about 5.5 hrs before bed. Today I shortened the nap at lunch to 1.5 hrs and she slept after 5 hours awake…for 20 mins and now she’s still awake!! She has basically napped again.

She’s getting less than 10 hours in bed at night which id read was a sign, but it seems very young?

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