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fblake Tue 10-Aug-21 22:37:44

Hi everyone

My 6 year old son keeps on sleepwalking. The other night I found him downstairs and tonight in the bathroom. I'm really worried in case he hurts himself. There's a stair gate up but he opens it.

Any advice would be welcomed.

Thank you

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fblake Thu 12-Aug-21 21:07:35


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Timeturnerplease Sat 14-Aug-21 19:58:54

Can you get a trickier stair gate? We have one over DD’s door that we can barely open ourselves! Is a screw in retractable one that you have to push and twist in a very specific way.

Sleepwalking runs in my family - my dad and one of my sisters do it. Dad was frequently found wandering corridors of hotels in business trips, and my sister fell down the stairs more than once as a child so I know how dangerous ut can be. DD who is 2.9 is a terrible sleepwalker who used to do laps of her cot. Now she’s in a toddler bed she does laps of the room, so we’re hoping the aforementioned tricky gate can last a few more years.

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