Advice needed! Swaddle & Sleepyhead transitioning

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Needmoresleep123 Thu 21-Jan-21 07:07:48

Hi, we went cold Turkey with the sleepyhead and was fine, as I think he wanted to spread out.
We did the sleepyhead first and then one arm on the swaddle about 1 week later.
He does occasionally thrash around in his sleep but doesn’t wake him up.
Hope that helps!

sleepslikeababy Wed 20-Jan-21 20:47:43

Hi OP,

We didn’t use a Sleepyhead so I can’t help there but my boy was swaddled until he rolled at 14 weeks. We were in the throes of the 4 month sleep regression (early), and transitioned him to his big cot, and out of the swaddle all at the same time - this was not on purpose by the way. He outgrew his basket, rolled, and regressed all in the same week 🙈
We went cold turkey with the swaddle, and the cot. I’m not going to lie, it was hard. He was up every hour (but we was up every hour anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️). I can’t co-sleep (I don’t know why but I just don’t sleep, not a wink) so it wasn’t option, which actually made it easier, as I had to keep getting up and settling him in his cot if I wanted even 15 minutes sleep. Eventually (about a week) there was improvement and being free of the swaddle helped him find his thumb to self-soothe. He is now much easier to put to sleep as he just sucks his thumb and closes his eyes and goes to sleep (most of the time!)

All that being said, if you prefer a more gradual approach rather than facing hell on earth like we did 😂, I know others who transition out of the swaddle one arm at a time. Arguably longer, but presumably less hellish.

And yes I agree I would tackle the Sleepyhead first and then the swaddling. Good luck! At 6 months old he is a much better sleeper. I hope the same for your LO. I know it’s so hard!

moonriver32 Wed 20-Jan-21 20:42:45

@Needmoresleep123 Thanks for replying! I have a million questions... Did you just go cold turkey taking it away or did you use anything in its place? I've seen people use rolled up towels etc in the transition. Did you do the one arm at a time before or after getting rid of the Sleepyhead? I really don't know how best to go about it! How did your little boy react to having his arms free? X

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Needmoresleep123 Wed 20-Jan-21 20:01:49

I also have a big little boy. 16 weeks and growing out of 3-6 month clothes!
He also was in a sleepyhead but we transitioned out of it about 3 weeks ago as he was getting too big.
I started by taking it away at nap times so he got used to it. To be fair he looked more comfy being able to spread out. We also had to get rid of love to dream swaddle as he’s rolling, so we did that one arm at a time!

moonriver32 Wed 20-Jan-21 15:03:45

Hi there

My DS is 4 months today and has always been an awful sleeper. I haven't even got the energy to go into all the issues we're having with sleep but let's just say we are in the thick of the 4 month regression! He never slept as a newborn so out of desperation we tried a Sleepyhead (decided to take a calculated risk given the sleep deprivation for him and us at the time) and he's been in it ever since but he's a big boy and the time has come for him to sleep without it.

He was swaddled until he was about 8 weeks old, then transitioned into a Grosnug sleeping bag with the poppers on the arms so he had more room but still had his arms safely inside so he couldn't wake himself up flailing around. He is still sleeping with his arms in as the odd occasion we've tried them out he just hits himself in the face and wakes himself up. However now he is starting to try roll during the day so for safety reasons I'm guessing he needs his arms free.

My question is - which would you try and change first - arms out or Sleepyhead? And any tips for how? I'm guessing maybe Sleepyhead first as if he gets used to feeling it around him once his arms are out it may then be harder to remove?

We are both terrified of disrupting his already horrific sleep even more!

Any advice welcome smile

Thank you!

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