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R1versmum Fri 15-Jan-21 11:52:56

Good to know there is hopefully an end in sight! I try so hard to try and teach her to go back to sleep but she just cant seem to get the hang of it just yet bless her! Your replies give me hope! X

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minipie Fri 15-Jan-21 11:10:11

Mine was like this. I used to let the morning nap be short but extend her post lunch nap by getting her to sleep in the buggy and then when she (inevitably) woke at 30-40 minutes I would rock her back to sleep in the buggy. This was from about 5-8 months I think.

knockeduplockeddown Fri 15-Jan-21 10:49:24

@R1versmum my baby is just over 5 months and was the exact same until around 2-3 week ago. He was on 5-6 naps a day, and always 30 mins. About three weeks ago he started having the odd nap (maybe once every other day) that way 45 mins, and this became more frequent. In the last week this has improved even more and bow he is down to 4 naps a day every day for the last week, usually 45 mins in the morning, 90 min second nap, 60 min 3rd nap and then a quick 30 mins in the evening. One day last week he even had a three nap day of three 90 min naps!!! But it seems to have been a one off 😂
When he was about 3 months i tried so many things to lengthen his naps but no matter what I did his little eyes would ping open at 30 mins so I just decided to go with it. He was defo crankier in the evenings as his tiredness crept up but he was sleeping really well at night.
So from my experience I would say just hang in there and hopefully his naps will lengthen gradually on his own. I know it's tough though- I remember reading that at 16 weeks "babies should be on a three nap schedule by now" and being like THREE??? 😂😂 all babies are different xx

FippertyGibbett Fri 15-Jan-21 10:26:12

I always went with the thought that everything is a phase, and it will change.

R1versmum Fri 15-Jan-21 10:24:01

Just wondering what other mums do with their babies who only catnap during the day. My baby is 3 months old and has only ever napped for 30-45 mins. We have tried everything, sling, pram etc etc but nothing has worked to help her extend them.

She sleeps great at night but is massively sleep deprived as the day goes on because of the short naps. She manages to stay awake around 45-1 hour and then i have to put her down again. So currently she is having approx 6 x 45 minute naps.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks or is this something she will grow out of?

Thanks xx

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