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BabyCrombie Sat 09-Jan-21 20:57:28

I am very lucky that my 11 week old is a great sleeper at night time. She will go down upstairs in the cot in our room ( with monitor on) at 7/8pm get woken at midnight for a feed then sleep until 6/7am.
The issue is daytime naps, she naps in her swing downstairs but fights her naps and it’s a hit or a miss whether it will be 10min or 2 hours. I am really keen to get her napping upstairs to give her a better sleep but also to establish some sort of routine. We have tried on several occasions to our her down upstairs for naps but she won’t sleep and we give in.
Anyone been in a similar situation and can offer advice on how to transition her? I am not keen on the letting her cry method.
Thanks in advance

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Poppet12345 Sat 09-Jan-21 22:29:25

We started putting our now 4 month old in her cot for naps. I found that if she had her naps in her chair downstairs she would only sleep for max 20 mins each time so now she has a nap around 10am for an hour or so in her cot then has another nap in her cot around 2 o'clock for 2 hours. Any other naps she has in her chair downstairs which they only last for around 20-30 mins at a time.
We didn't do the cry it out method as such we would go in every 5 minutes or so and pop her dummy back in and then keep doing that, gradually it's got better and she now drops off after about 5 minutes. Yes it does involve a bit of crying but it's not to the extent she gets so worked up, she now just cries as she's lost her dummy rather than crying to be taken out from her nap. Hope this helps

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