7 month nap transition- night sleep gone to pot!!

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Kellyje90 Tue 05-Jan-21 17:08:24

So my seven month old daughter has been transitioning from three naps to 2 naps for the last few weeks. This week she seems to have settled on two naps per day and has consolidated her usually 40 minute naps to 1.5 hours. When she was on three naps, bedtime got later as her wake times lengthened but she still took shorter naps of max 40 mins, so she needed the three naps to get her to through to bedtime bedtime. Now her wake times are quite consistently at 3 hours and she has for the last four days taken longer naps we can only fit two in without a 10pm bedtime! Trouble is, her night sleep has gone to hell! She slept so much better on three naps and I can’t figure out why/what to do. I have let her take the lead and follow her cues and she has been pretty consistent the last few days with this new schedule. Why has her night sleep gone to pot? Anyone else experienced similar? Will it settle as she adjusts? She’s 7 and a half months. So her new schedule seems to be as follows:
7.30am wake
10.15/10.30am nap1
11.45am wake
2.45/3.00pm nap2
3.30pm wake
7.30pm bed

It’s used to be:
7.30am wake
10am nap1
10.40am wake
1.30pm nap 2
2.00pm wake
5.00pm nap3
5.30pm wake
8.30pm bed

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