Can my 8 week old sleep too much during the night?

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lockdownmammy2020 Mon 04-Jan-21 09:28:34

Ds is 8 weeks old and for the past week has been sleeping from around 10-11pm until 6-7am without waking up for a feed.

I've been told that I should let him sleep through the night and if he was hungry he would let me know and then told I should wake him for a feed.

This is my first child and I have no idea what to do.
Is it a good thing or is it bad? Should I wake him or let him sleep?

During the day he has 4oz formula every 3 hours and always finishes his bottle.

Has anyone else had their babies have this type of sleep pattern from 2 months old?

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Backbee Mon 04-Jan-21 09:30:06

As long as no concerns around weight then yes absolutely no need to wake, try and enjoy smile

LizzieSiddal Mon 04-Jan-21 09:32:29

My own Dd did this from 2 months. She was absolute fine, make the most of it.
Dd2 made up for her by not sleeping through the night until she was 2 1/2 grin

popcorndiva Mon 04-Jan-21 09:34:32

My DS did this from 3 weeks old, just meant he napped less in the day. Enjoy it, as long as he is putting on weight he doesn't need waking for a feed

Twistiesandshout Mon 04-Jan-21 09:35:07

Enjoy it while it lasts! DD1 did this until 4 months, then didn't sleep through until 3 years old!

Respectabitch Mon 04-Jan-21 09:35:41

As long as weight gain and nappy output are all good, it is fine.

It won't make you very popular though, so I would advise not going on about it grin

Duvetdweller Mon 04-Jan-21 09:38:35

I echo @Respectabitch - definitely don’t ask the health visitor at baby group if sleeping from 7-7 is normal at 6 weeks, you’ll not be popular 😬


ShyTown Mon 04-Jan-21 09:38:39

Yes my DD did this from 4 weeks. I didn’t wake her. She’s now 3 and has always been a good sleeper (probably won’t be quite so lucky with the next one!). Providing there are no weight gain issues then let him be and enjoy the sleep!

Duvetdweller Mon 04-Jan-21 09:48:46

Both of mine were the same @ShyTown - 7-7 from 6 weeks, can count on one hand the number of times they woke up. They’re teenagers now and still have loads of sleep.

bluebluezoo Mon 04-Jan-21 09:52:28

Never wake a sleeping baby!

I always worked on the principle that if they were hungry they’d wake. Which they did.

In fact when I tried to wake them to feed, or tried to dream feed in an attempt to stop the 2am feed, it was a nightmare. I ended up with a baby not hungry enough to take a full feed, but not full enough to send them back to sleep. So I had hours of crying and taking tiny amounts until they were full enough to send them back to sleep.

It was always better to let them wake naturally, have a big feed, then they were much happier until their next feed.

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