4 month sleep regression

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Daisysandviolets Sun 03-Jan-21 21:39:21

We're fast approaching 4 months and I am bricking it. So I wanted to see does everyone experience it, how bad is it and any tips for an anxious FTM

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Hellothere19999 Sun 03-Jan-21 21:42:13

Just get through it. Don’t worry you soon get to teething/ 8 month regression/ practicing walking at 4am/ trying to chatter etc etc. Have fun!

Fisharefriendstoo Sun 03-Jan-21 21:45:49

I don’t even think I noticed one with my first DS now 2, he has mostly been a good consistent sleeper with occasional bad nights here and there. My second DS has only just turned four months and has never slept through and wakes twice minimum so I’m hoping it can’t get worse!

emmalou19 Mon 04-Jan-21 04:58:11

My DD is 18 weeks and we are in our sixth week of the 4 month sleep regression. It started off with her waking every 2-3 hours and then worsened to her waking every 45 minutes as she can't transition through sleep cycles. I'm slowly losing my mind. I will not sleep train but I'm currently struggling to see a way out. None of my NCT mums have noticed any change in their babies so you may be absolutely fine, don't worry.

SnowGnome Mon 04-Jan-21 05:03:54

DC1 never had it. DC2 went on until 11 months as it became a habit and it nearly destroyed me. My only tip is if you need to sleep when they do in the day, do it. And don’t let anyone judge you for it.

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