6 month old nap hell

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Hodge85 Sun 03-Jan-21 09:50:26


I'm.after some advice. My 6 month old was no bother at being put down for naps and now all of a sudden it's hell on earth. He's absolutely fantastic at sleeping through the night and self soothes at bedtime but for the past week we've had horrendous nap lengths and trying to put him down is just awful. He just cries and cries. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! x

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Cash02 Sun 03-Jan-21 18:46:52

Hi I have a 7month old who isn’t a brilliant sleeper, won’t self soothe or be put in the cot for naps, but sleeps well in the night.
However she was particularly bad a month ago, around the age of your little one, I realised it was teething, has your little one got any teeth come through yet? They tend to get very fussy when the first ones come through. Best of luck flowers

CovidCakeConundrum Sun 03-Jan-21 19:23:32

What are your timings? Do you have a schedule or use wake windows?
If he self settles then its probably that he's over or under tired when being put down. Or teething, I find it easy to always blame teething 😀

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