Allergies vs Intolerance Baby now 7 months HELP

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LillyCillian Thu 17-Dec-20 12:10:10

Hi all, hopefully someone reading this has been through this or similar amd come out the other side sane!
Bay now over 7 months, breast fed for 2 months, he had very bad reflux, rarely slept as did we for fear of him choking. Started developing eczema behind ears, under chin, badly on top of hands and fingers same with tops of feet and ankle, really awful to see. It rarely bled or crusted, we moisturised it daily and spent small fortune on creams. The breakout on tummy, chest and back was different, like circular red patches, this is all still ongoing. The heat seems to aggregate it we have learned. We put him on Aptimil formula, he responded badly so we tried Nutramigen for a few months, it seemed to calm things but then he started with what seems like allergy symptoms, more so at night, sometimes during the day. He gets a blocked nose and goes crazy trying to itch it on anything he can, which in turn aggrevates his forehead resulting in dry itchy patches. He gets so frustrated by whatever is affecting him/allergy that he just writhes about all night, kicking his legs and shaking his head from side to side, quiet furiously whilst scratching his head hard. Its awful to see (and hear!). Weve tried EVERYTHING, no dairy at all, new detergent, only bathing twice a week, no product, all new bedding through out the house, hypoallergenic, steroid cream prescribed, oat based creams, antihistamine prescribed, reflux med although this has now subsided thankfully, balm for nose to help catch any dust/pollen fibres etc, safe to use in babies, sea salt nasal spray. His torso eczema and limb eczema seem to respond and act differently. When he gets agitated the or hot the torso flares up but the limb eczema seems less reactive to those 2 triggers and more so something(s) else. We have been waitting on an appointment with the Pediatrician for months now, baby is now on a 2 week trial of amino acid based formula to see how he respinds, whilst we are waitting. He seems to HATE it, after every bottle you can hear the liquid churning in his tummy and most of the times he brings most of it back up, its been 3 days on ot so far. We have no pets. Long post but any help PLEASE, its a daily torture for baby and us

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CustardCreamm Wed 30-Dec-20 19:08:33


Hope you have this sorted by now! My two had CMPA (cow's milk protein allergy) and were put on an amino acid formula - we were prescribed Alfamino which worked wonders. However, these formulas are very thin so can cause the throwing up and reflux to flare, so we had to use a thickener with it which definitely helped. We used Carobel but it's trial and error for what works best for your baby.

Hopefully you can get baby sorted ASAP!! smile

Thatwentbadly Wed 30-Dec-20 19:10:10

There is a really good CMPA Facebook group ask on there.

LillyCillian Wed 30-Dec-20 22:00:18

Thank you both for your response. Ill certainly look into this, what a stressful time and the worry xx

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