How to keep baby in cot?

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Ummumm Tue 10-Nov-20 10:46:46

Just wondering how you all managed to keep baby in cot. My ds2 who is 7 weeks just won't ever sleep in the cot. He will wake up after two mins and il have to put him back to sleep again. It's getting a bit difficult to run around after my 2 year old and feel like he's not getting enough attention because all I seem to do is put the baby back to sleep for him to wake up again.

Any advice??

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ForTheLoveOfHalloween Tue 10-Nov-20 11:03:08

No way could I put my little girl down at that age. She lived in the baby sling for the first 4-5 months.

Lazypuppy Tue 10-Nov-20 11:07:39

At 7 weeks DD was in a moses basket at night, and in a little swing chair in the lounge for naps. Music/movement used to stop her crying and help her fall asleep. She always napped well from day 1, i never had to use a sling.

Is she in a sleeping bag? Some babies don't like cots cause there's too much space.

Queenfreak Tue 10-Nov-20 11:08:06

Sling, or push to sleep in pushchair (inside) and leave to sleep in there.

Ummumm Tue 10-Nov-20 11:08:15

Yeah I guess all babies are different my first slept in the cot no problem. Issue is I think the novelty of a baby brother has worn off for my toddler and tries to randomly attack him!

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letsmaketea Tue 10-Nov-20 11:09:06

Lying a palm gently on her chest and rocking slightly helped DD stay asleep in the cot for longer. If she started to stir, I'd put my hand back on and keep going!

Ummumm Tue 10-Nov-20 11:09:19

Nope not in a sleeping bag yet. He was a small baby so was too small for the one I have. Think il try and see if he's big enough for it yet

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