Bed regret?

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2babymumma Tue 10-Nov-20 05:24:57

Dd slept so well in her cot

Dc2 due in the new year so I thought I'd try and get her in a bed before the big change.

Been up since 4 putting her back. No expression on me just return and walk away

Will this ever stop?

Should I have wait until she's 3 and baby shares a room with her?

When dc2 arrives will she then be up even more in interest of the baby crying??

Should I have kept her security of the bars until she understands more???

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2babymumma Tue 10-Nov-20 05:25:28

Dd is 21m

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DemolitionBarbie Tue 10-Nov-20 05:34:37

Have you still got the cot? If keep her in there until there's a good reason not to - eg she starts climbing out.

If you stick with the bed, I think there's a novelty period where they get excited at the new-found freedom, it doesn't last forever but you do give up control of when they start moving around.

A grow clock might help, or saying she can play with toys quietly if she wakes early. Good luck!

2babymumma Tue 10-Nov-20 07:31:45

I do but she was starting to try and climb out of it too. I got another Rhine in and hoping it'll not take long 😱

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2babymumma Tue 10-Nov-20 07:32:10

Thank you for the reply- was losing in the night that sanity

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