6 week old sleeping through the night

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Daisysandviolets Mon 02-Nov-20 18:41:30

Is it ok to let my six week old breast fed baby sleep through the night? The last couple of nights he has gone down at 11 and I've woken up at 5 and as it's been six hours woken her up to feed her but I reckon she would probably sleep until 7 which would be 8 hours is that too long between feeds for such a young baby?

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Mon 02-Nov-20 18:43:55

Do you know if losing weight? Tbh I’m personally not a fan of waking sleeping babies, sleep in not linear so enjoy whilst it lasts

MummaBear4321 Mon 02-Nov-20 18:48:44

For me, the rule was let a baby sleep. I wouldn't wake a baby to feed if the baby was a healthy weight and then continued to gain weight. They sleep as much as they need, and they feed as much as they need. If your baby sleeps through the night, I 100% wouldnt mess with that unless I had a medical reason to.

AnneLovesGilbert Mon 02-Nov-20 18:59:54

If her weight is good then it’s fine. Mine did this, lasted till the day she was 4 months and it’s been a different story since then... confused

Enjoy it while it lasts smile I did the same as a baby, also EBF, and carried on for years and years. You might just be lucky.

PearPickingPorky Mon 02-Nov-20 19:02:23

Yeah, let the baby sleep. So long as she's putting on weight well then it's fine.

It won't last past 4 months!

(Mine was the same)

Daisysandviolets Mon 02-Nov-20 19:18:25

Thanks, I don't know what her weight is as due to covid she isn't being weighed! She seems to be putting on weight she doesn't fit in her 0-3 month clothes yet but getting there!

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VioletSunset Mon 02-Nov-20 19:29:07

My second baby was ebf and sleeping through from 5 weeks old. My other 3 children were a different story 🤣 as long as she's gaining weight, plenty wet and dirty nappies etc i would just let her sleep


PearPickingPorky Mon 02-Nov-20 19:33:54

You'll still be able to tell if she's putting on weight as week-by-week she'll fill out her clothes a bit more, and as long as she has lots of wet and pooey nappies, and is quite settled in herself during the day, then she'll be grand.

Enjoy it while it lasts smile

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