Toddler naps??

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lighthouseinthesnow Sun 11-Oct-20 21:45:22

My DD went through phases of resisting naps but didn't drop them altogether until she was nearly 3.

Bizarrely I found putting her down earlier than usual (before she even seemed that tired) worked much better. Or failing that I would sometimes just go out for a drive with her after lunch...

Like you I found that if she didn't nap it was really easy to get her to sleep at bedtime but she then didn't seem to sleep so well through the night.

paz479 Sun 11-Oct-20 20:23:35

Hi my little girl is 19 months she's been resisting her naps more and more lately. I usually put her down after lunch so 12/12.30. If I do it any later she won't go to bed before 7.30. Just wondering when everyone's toddler gave up there naps? And what time/ how long did you let them nap for?? Without a nap she goes down like a dream at 6.30 but the nights can then be a little rough.... don't want to blame the teeth for another problem but I'm sure the canines are coming in as well!hmm

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