Sleeping training at 5 months

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catmum2019 Sun 04-Oct-20 22:56:30

I did! My lo was exactly like you described!

I downloaded Gina ford book and little one slept from 7pm-7am from 5months old with one dream feed at 10.30pm within three days!!!!!

Baby is 8 months old and sleeping peacefully

Best thing I ever done! I honestly felt I was losing the will to live before I started sleep training

Nosleepingclub Sun 04-Oct-20 22:45:30

I’m literally dying from exhausting. LO is waking every 45mins - 1 hour and though he’s quick to go back to sleep, he HAS to sleep on us for around 10-20mins before we put him back in his crib and if we put him down in his crib and disturb him even SLIGHTLY, you’re back to square one and you’re up another 20 mins with him on your lap and then bam! 20 mins later he’s awake anyway!

Did anyone do sleep training at 5 months? Or is it too early to do so?!

We have a bedtime routine, we use white noise, he’s breastfed and formula fed. He definitely sucks for comfort but won’t Take a dummy 😒 and will not be rocked or shushed back to sleep.

Losing the will to live here! Any experiences with sleep training or advice would be amazing!

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