15M regression?

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Brieminewine Mon 28-Sep-20 17:54:10

So DD 15MO cosleeps, usually goes in her cot at around 8pm after bath would wake about 930pm and come in with me. Would nap in her cot 1-3pm in the daytime, dropped to one nap at 11MO.

Two weeks ago we had a really and run of teething and a cold, lots of crying and unsettled nights. That's all resolved now but this week she has been waking at 3/4am for up to 2hours not upset but just awake either wanting to play or fighting sleep. She's also being a nightmare to get get to sleep for nap time and bed time, fighting it when obviously knackered and getting herself all in a tizz!

Is this a regression? Any tips or advice or stories of solidarity appreciated, thanks!

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Brieminewine Wed 30-Sep-20 19:34:56

Send help please grin

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