Baby won’t sleep between feeds at night

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CountryGirl36 Sun 27-Sep-20 07:48:51

Helllpp! FTM to a 6 week old baby girl and we are struggling with getting her to settle between feeds at night. She is formula fed due to a traumatic birth & no milk my end. She wakes every 2-3 hours for a feed and we giver her breaks and wind as we go. She will then go down in her next to me but 30-60 mins later is writhing and grunting like mad and won’t settle.
She is on infacol as we assumed it was wind but if we bring her into bed with us she settles almost immediately. The same if she is on my chest.
Is it just her fussing and wanting me or maybe reflux?
We have the cot tilted but like i said she will lie on her back in our bed no problems!

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YouAndMeAndTheDevilMakesThree Sun 27-Sep-20 16:57:54

Sounds like she's just little and wants her mummy! I found DC2 only wanted to sleep on me in the early weeks. Google 'fourth trimester'.

What's she like to settle for naps?

jdy123 Mon 28-Sep-20 02:48:13

My DD is 8 weeks and was similar to this from about 5 weeks onwards. She sleeps well the first stint then after ive fed her during the night she then doesn't settle for long once we put her in next2me. I end up picking her up and putting her in bed with me and she's fine, like you say!
I thought was wind cause of the grunting but I'm not too sure.

Itllbeaninterestingchristmas Mon 28-Sep-20 02:57:05

Anti colic bottles? My mix fed baby does that if I’ve bf her but not if she’s bottle fed. I use the mam bottles
Have you tried wrapping her in the blanket whilst you cuddle her to sleep? Also warm the Moses basket up first with a hot water bottle.
Mine likes a fleece blanket. Make sure she’s well asleep before attempting a transfer. Transferring sleeping babies and small children is a skill worth perfecting early.

Sipperskipper Mon 28-Sep-20 03:35:43

Also have a 6 week old dd here! She is a bit different to DD1, who sounds exactly like your little one! Things that helped-

Tight swaddle to recreate the feeling of a cuddle
Loud white noise, all night
Rhythmic patting like a heartbeat

All at the same time. Eventually she started sleeping well (long long stretches at 9 weeks!) and has been a brill sleeper for as long as I can remember. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Sipperskipper Mon 28-Sep-20 03:38:19

ps - new dd writhes and grunts like mad (so loud its insane) and its her trying to settle. I don't pick her up unless she cries and most of the time (touch wood!) she drops off.

Yummymummy2020 Mon 28-Sep-20 03:42:24

I second the sleepyhead, it was a lifesaver for us. They used something similar in the nicu so our little baby only would sleep in that when she came home. But even for a baby not used to it, it might give that secure cosy feeling!


CountryGirl36 Mon 28-Sep-20 15:03:59

@YouAndMeAndTheDevilMakesThree generally ok for naps but is hit and miss!

@Itllbeaninterestingchristmas she is on Mam bottles already. She hates being swaddled and much prefers her arms being out and free!

Our HV and pretty much everyone around us warned us off Sleepyheads. She is in a Cocconababy at times in the day but even that is hit and miss! 🙈

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