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Why is my 7mo waking in the night suddenly?

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julezboo Mon 03-Sep-07 08:21:56

He has slept through since 4 weeks. Has 2 teeth through already and not showing any signs of anymore.

He is waking around 2 for a bottle and 5am for another. I dont think hes hungry, he has through the day:

5am - 8 oz bottle
7am - bowl of porridge
10am - 4oz bottle
12/1pm - dinner and pudding
3pm - 4oz bottle
5pm - dinner and pudding
7pm - yogurt/porridge.mashed fruit
8pm - 7oz bottle then he goes to bed.

he can't really be hungry with all that food surely. Its wearing me out. Dp does one of the feeds but he has to get up for work so i generally do the 5am one and take him down to the sofa where we will fall back asleep for an hour.

He cries ALOT. He is waiting on a refferal over his head, (soft spot closed up too early) could this be the cause of it, do you think hes in pain?

Please help! DP thinks we should move him onto follow on milk but Im not sure. I just want sleep!


julezboo Mon 03-Sep-07 09:39:37


MunchiesMama Tue 04-Sep-07 08:48:06

Hi Jules

Sorry I dont have any advice, but i just wanted you to know that u r not alone! My 7 month old DD has justed started waking constantly at night too - she has always slept through the night since birth until now. I know she is not hungry but I cant figure out what it is that is waking her, some nights I have to settle her 6/7 times. The only good thing is that i can settle her really quickly using the Baby Whisperer methods (pick up/put down - now i dont even need to lift her, she likes to hold my hand and falls asleep within about 1 minute), I couldnt face the CC option.

Hopefully someone will be able to give u some useful advice.


rosmerta Tue 04-Sep-07 09:16:28

Hi Jules, he could be going through a growth spurt, or early teething on another tooth or he could have a bit of trapped wind or he could just be waking himself up by moving around.

I found gently massaging ds's stomach after his bath with a little cream would release any wind (sorry if tmi) and he started sleeping through the night again.

I would also recommend the pick up/put down method of settling him as munchiesmama said, that also worked for me and taught ds how to settle himself back to sleep.

Sorry, probably not much help! It will get better though!

showbiz Thu 06-Sep-07 23:40:30

my 7 1/2 month ds has just started waking twice through the night, i think there are more teeth coming as the red cheeks were there today. lets hope they get back to sleeping through again as there is nothing worse than getting used to sleeping through the night and then suddenly have broken sleep again. good luck

Ilovebuttons Sat 08-Sep-07 09:52:49

I'm going through a similar thing julezboo!
My 7 month old ds has never slept through sad but he was down to one feed at 4ish, which I was happy with.
Now he is waking over 10 times a night and I don't know how much longer I can last!

maybe it's a developmental thing - is he starting to try to crawl? Mine does a wiggle along on his tummy thing and he's often doing it when he wakes at night. Apparently learning new tricks keeps them awake.

My health visitor suggested more snacks, like toast etc.

Tracy Hoggs advice has reallly helped me before, but I haven't tried the pu/pd thing yet. Maybe it's time.

Let me know how you solve it!

suss Sat 08-Sep-07 21:49:31

they all start moving and rolling around in their sleep at this age ds started waking at night at 6 to 7 months and woke pratically every night then until he was 2.

Ilovebuttons Sun 09-Sep-07 14:05:58

just thought I'd add - I tried giving ds a bit of cooled camomile tea and a tummy massage and he slept much better, only waking once at 4ish to be fed.
Might be worth a try...

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