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Moro reflex...

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Autumnalfeels Wed 06-Nov-19 07:47:27

Is driving me absolutely crazy. My little one is 4 months and has been doing this since birth. At first we didn't swaddle because we wanted her to get used to being outside the womb, but she just wouldn't sleep. Luckily had 2 swaddle and have been using these constantly. They velcro ones were a godsend! Unfortunately the swaddle is now too tight. Had a bit of difficulty with finding a smiliar swaddle for her age group but managed to find one on amazon. Tried this out last night and she escaped her little arms from it all night last night. Any time I looked at her, she looked sound asleep, but the arms were waving about. This would usually contiue util she wakes herself up.

My question is, how long does this last for. I have so many gro bags but I can't put her in these just now.

She actually waves her arms about so viciously that she cut her face. She has a spot that has been there since birth and must have caught it and bled (nails are short)

Any advice from mums who have had similar situations to this? Please tell me it will end soon lol


JoJoSM2 Wed 06-Nov-19 17:49:16

Can’t remember the brand, but we used swaddle bags that zip up at the front and have zip up arms too. I’m pretty sure DS was a fair bit older than your daughter before we tried him sleeping with one arm unzipped, then the other and gradually managing without swaddling.

The bags came is sizes up to 12 months or even 18 months size and it worked out well despite DS being quite literally a giant.

April45 Thu 07-Nov-19 05:47:30

Just be careful with swaddling an older baby, if DD can roll then you need to stop as it's dangerous.

The reflex is a pain. We used to put in slèeping bag then put thin blanket over tucked in, it seemed to slow the movement to mean DS didn't startle.

It does go just takes time. DS made his own choice to sleep on his front after mastering rolling and slept much better after.

Autumnalfeels Thu 07-Nov-19 11:34:09

Yeah, she can't roll yet and will stop when she even starts to try.

It's such a pain isn't it 😂. Bless them. I actually brought her into bed last night with myself and popped her back about 4 am. It's funny that sleeping beside me seems to stop it too. Not that I mind. Hopefully it goes soon though.

I've got a love to dream swaddle and a couple of other brands. Thanks

jomaIone Thu 07-Nov-19 12:00:15

Why can't you use grobags yet?

Harrysmummy246 Thu 07-Nov-19 14:12:24

Presumably as still swaddling?

Autumnalfeels Thu 07-Nov-19 15:51:23

Because with the grobags she waves her arms around the full night, eventually waking herself up that's why I'm still swaddling. X

Frogsdreaming Fri 08-Nov-19 07:41:53

I had exactly the same issue with my dd when she was a baby. I spent hours searching internet for answers and found a sleep suit that aids transition from swaddle to grow bags. It was a life saver for us and my dd is now an excellent sleeper. The suit is a 'Merlins magic sleepsuit' . Like with swaddling it's for babies who don't roll yet and they are very cosy so you do need to make sure the bedroom doesn't get too hot but for us it worked a treat.

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