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Somebody PLEASE help!!!

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Flamestorm Thu 02-Aug-07 22:38:02

Every night all week.

He wakes up about this time. Sobs his heart out.

Sometimes it is a sodden nappy.

Sometimes he has pooed.

This time the nappy wasn't great, so I changed it, he played with his boy bits etc and was happy.

Put him back to bed with a fresh bottle, and he is sobbing his heart out again

I don't know what is wrong - I offered food last night incase he was hungry, but he was too tired to eat it. If I bring him down he just sort of snuggles in, but doesn't completely relax.

Is he hurting?? Calpol maybe??

Last night he was up til gone midnight with DH, then in with us for a bit from 1.30am

I am exhausted but can't go to bed with him sobbing like this.

I don't know what is wrong or how to mend it

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Thu 02-Aug-07 22:39:34

Ok, how old is he? Any chance he maybe teething?

What does he nap like during the day? Also, has he started to do anything new during the day like crawling or???

Flamestorm Thu 02-Aug-07 22:40:00

He's generally a hot baby so just wears longies to bed (wool trousers), have just put a pj top on him incase it's coldness.

Now screaming on my lap.

Flamestorm Thu 02-Aug-07 22:41:35

Sorry - 17 months. Naps during the day... used to be 2 (a long one in the morning, and then shorter in the afternoon) but he is fiddling about dropping them - I think it is through choice rather than holidays.

I don't think it's teeth as he normally claws his mouth for those

NormaStanleyFletcher Thu 02-Aug-07 22:43:10

Coming down with something - medised or calpol?

NormaStanleyFletcher Thu 02-Aug-07 22:43:32

or vodka

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Thu 02-Aug-07 22:44:29 there anything you do that calms him down?

Is he arching back at all or swallowing painfully (thinking along lines of reflux but at 17mths maybe a bit old for that)

Have you introduced any new foods into his diet? Maybe allergy???

cadelaide Thu 02-Aug-07 22:54:14

ear ache?
how about calpol/medised tonight and then doctor in the morning? They could check his ears and throat etc.
Also, things always clear up once you've made a doctor's appt. don't they?
hope he feels better soon.

Flamestorm Thu 02-Aug-07 22:54:51

Just forced calpol into him and he is already slightly calmer (love placebo effects!)

He has been back arching, seems to be swallowing ok.

He has been worst last night and tonight... he whacked his head hard yesterday afternoon - is delayed concussion possible?!

Flamestorm Thu 02-Aug-07 22:55:28

Lovin the vodka suggestion.

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Thu 02-Aug-07 22:57:05

I wouldn't know about that and so wouldn't like to comment.

I would think about taking him to the doctors just to be on the safe side and also, keep an eye on his temperature and sign of sluggishness etc...

Wish could give better advice....

Flamestorm Thu 02-Aug-07 22:59:29

I'll gte him checked out in the morning.

He's been fine during the day, just kicks in after a few hours kip

crokky Thu 02-Aug-07 23:06:04

Maybe after the calpol a cuddle in bed with you? my lo of the same age often wakes up crying.

Flamestorm Thu 02-Aug-07 23:07:04

He's nearly asleep in my arms now. If I take him in my bed he crawls and doesn't settle.

Flamestorm Thu 02-Aug-07 23:17:37

Argh! Google produced:

Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of a concussion can be subtle and may not appear immediately. Symptoms can last for days, weeks or longer.

The two most common concussion symptoms are confusion and amnesia. The amnesia, which may or may not be preceded by a loss of consciousness, almost always involves the loss of memory of the impact that caused the concussion.

Other immediate signs and symptoms of a concussion may include:

* Headache
* Dizziness
* Ringing in the ears
* Nausea or vomiting
* Slurred speech

Some symptoms of concussions don't appear until hours or days later. They include:

* Mood and cognitive disturbances
* Sensitivity to light and noise
* Sleep disturbances

Head trauma is very common in young children. But concussions can be difficult to recognize in infants and toddlers because they can't readily communicate how they feel. Nonverbal clues of a concussion may include:

* Listlessness, tiring easily
* Irritability, crankiness
* Change in eating or sleeping patterns
* Lack of interest in favorite toys
* Loss of balance, unsteady walking

Def going to the doc in the morning then!

cadelaide Fri 03-Aug-07 08:35:16

Morning Flamestorm, how is he today?

Flamestorm Fri 03-Aug-07 08:38:28

Happy enough!

Not a clue what is going on - taking him to the doc in an hour.

Flamestorm Fri 03-Aug-07 19:51:08

Update - doctor thinks it is not concussion, but that he still has a headache from the bashing it, and then he is probably banging it on the bars, making it hurt even more all over again hence the screaming.

Got to keep him dosed up on calpol for a few days

(Also took home a head injuries leaflet... felt sure I would need it in the future!!!)

cadelaide Fri 03-Aug-07 20:15:33

Aah, poor little chap.
Aren't they maddening though when they do stuff like headbashing?.
Ds2 keeps suddenly arching his back and flinging himself backwards when he's on my lap. He does it over and over and has bruises where I've grabbed him.

FlameFlamingo Fri 03-Aug-07 20:22:47

He just climbs everything!!! I'm amazed we haven't had broken bones.... yet!

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