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Five month old more awake than asleep- help!

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Mamaofgirls Fri 12-Jul-19 20:29:07

Please help me my five month old has always been a terrible sleeper but the last two weeks it has gotten worse and worse.
She is ebf and refuses a bottle. She goes to bed at 7.30 and then is awake every two hours if not mostly every hour. This would be fine except during her sleep she is kicking flapping her hands around. We cosleep and she is swaddled and it’s not hunger in those periods always. I don’t know what to do I’m exhausted she is miserable as obviously overtired. Any suggestions great fully received!
I should add she has reflux and is on medication for this.

londonmummy2019 Fri 12-Jul-19 22:04:56

New mum here also...can only go from what I've been doing.
I've never co slept for a long time with my DD, now nearly a year old. She slept in a bassinet next to my bed until around 7 months when she moved to her cot in her own room.

Could being in a bassinet be better? What are day naps like?
Every hour will be the sleep cycle she's waking from and can't get back - if anything disturbs them they can wake up immediately. My DD still makes a noise on the monitor now sometimes in the hour! She'll then put herself back to sleep...sometimes it's just a murmur noise...

Mamaofgirls Sun 14-Jul-19 04:14:38

Hi thank you so much for your response. We’ve tried the bassinet she was worse and actually woke up fully. I think we do disturb her and she would be better in her room which we were waiting six months to do. Maybe I’ll have to move her out sooner.
Her day naps are hit and miss sometimes really good sometimes awful but the nights are always the same

Ylk83 Sun 14-Jul-19 04:49:37

I'm no help to you. Was about to start a similar thread myself. My DD is 20m, exclusively bfed till 6m. Still bfeeding and cosleeping. Fed every 2-3hours (>95% of nights) till 11m of age!
Now still wakes every night - at least 2x a night on good nights. Not less. I found some info online regarding baby temperament and sleep. It might be helpful if it can helps you decide which method is best for you. My DD is towards the difficult end of the spectrum, was born kicking and screaming, always knew what she wanted, was carried all the time (not what i had in mind!!) And thus relatively happy as she got what she wanted when she was younger. Sleep training her was near impossible. I have given up after several loud attempts and am now resigned to (more than likely, shock horror) tandem feeding as new baby is arriving in 2m and we have not managed to get her out of my bed.
Hope things work out for you as a majority will start waking less often. It will not be forever (so they sayyyy......)
Hope i am coherent as this is my first post in mumsnet and it's 4.50am, i have chills and a headcold. And toddler kept me up 1-3am.. sorry for the rant

Mamaofgirls Mon 15-Jul-19 20:18:38

Oh I really feel for you that sounds tough and also so difficult with another one on the way. Fingers crossed no 2 won’t follow the same path.
I think I’m not tough enough although like you I think it’s also just her temperament. She has to be played with constantly or loses it she is so demanding in comparison to DD1! Where did you find the info online? Sounds interesting and useful x

Ylk83 Tue 16-Jul-19 14:10:18

Hi Mamaofgirls,
No way am I any tougher than yourself!
You've done so well keeping it up for so long (with TWO children in the house! I only currently have one ).

Hehe, she sounds just like my DD. Wouldnt let me leave her side or stop carrying her at all.
My DD has become more independent once she learnt to walk, so hopefully yours will be too.
I had some success 5m go when i fed her to sleep and then put her in her cot next to our beds. We petted her everytime she woke. Didnt cry too much. I did sometimes take her back to bed to feed her if she woke hungry and inconsolable at 5am.
After a month, due to some setbacks, we coslept again and she got much more resistant to training, thus the current outcome. Might have worked if we had persevered.
Would that arrangement work for you? And perhaps eventually moving her into another room?

I quoted one random study above but not sure if it's any help. It just mentions stats on how many "sleep thru the night" and at what age.
You can do a net search on "temperament and sleep training".

Yes, am hoping the 2nd baby will be different! grin

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