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Early riser and cc

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speaker Sat 21-Jul-07 23:06:41

ds is 17mths. He's an early riser - on average around 5/5.30am. Wouldn't mind but he is always shattered by 9am and always falls to sleep when i take my dd to nursery. He always wakes screaming in the morning (no nice chatting like his sister used to do!). He eats well during the day and goes to bed on a 9oz bottle so I'm sure it's not hunger. Have tried the cc for about two weeks now but he seems to be getting worse and I feel awful now about doing it. Any advice?

callmeovercautious Sat 21-Jul-07 23:10:28

Sorry but he may just be an early riser. If cc has not worked in a day or two it wont work. (Ihave used it myself so am not anti cc!) Have you considered taking him in with you for a cuddle/doze?
Is he sleeping too much in the day so not needing so much at night? And (obvious) do you have blackouts?

Sorry to be a bit negative but some are just prone to waking early

gegs73 Sun 22-Jul-07 18:44:13

DS1 used to be awful with this and used to wake around 5am every morning for a while when he was around this age.

We used to put LOTS of dummies around his bed and if he found one he would give us abit more sleep. More often than not we used to have to get up to put it back in though he would spit it out after about 20 mins. I used to get him up at 6am but refused to get him up at any time with a 5 in front of it! Good news is that it was a phase though it did last a good two or three months I would guess.

CC didn't work for him at this time in the morning, though we were more than happy to do this and it did work for him going down to sleep at night. Hope it gets better for you soon.

amidaiwish Sun 22-Jul-07 19:34:00

have you tried acting like it is 3am? give him a bottle of milk in his cot with lots of shush shush if you have to. the fact that he isn't waking happy/full of chat would suggest to me that you could be able to get him back to sleep.

i would also try and stop the 9am sleep somehow - maybe easier now with school holiday and no nursery run?

btw i don't think cc works for early rising - do a search, several people tried it and it didn't work for anyone.

speaker Sun 22-Jul-07 21:01:14

Thanks all for your ideas but have tried most of them to be honest including the dummies, cuddles in our bed and the milk route although this became quite a habit and sometimes we couldn't settle him whatever time of night without a bottle (although we think this was a bit of teething too).

Some days he has more sleep than others it just depends what we are doing that day to be honest. Not ideal I know.

From what you're saying, we'd probably better stop the cc'ing as this isn't working Just need to decide then if it's best to bring him into our bed til 6am ish or get up with him when he wakes.

Oh, am I being really dim - what do you mean, do I have blackouts?

funnypeevesculiar Sun 22-Jul-07 21:07:26

I actually have had cc work for early rising (and am actually pretty anti cc - but it worked in 2 days - after 2 weeks I'd defo give up.
Blackouts = cbleack out curtains/blinds - ie so no sunlight coming in & making him think it's morning!

FrayedKnot Sun 22-Jul-07 21:15:27

I think you need to somehow break the cycle of him sleeping at 9am.

When does he sleep after that?

can you stretch him until 10.30 or so?

Then he could have a nap later on as well or just one long one mid-mroning and then a late lunch?

speaker Sun 22-Jul-07 21:25:28

Yes have got blackout blinds (sorry thought you were asking if I have blackouts!!!!).

If he does have a 9am sleep (normally for 20mins/half hr) then sometimes he will probably have another half-1hr early /mid afternoon. On the times I've managed to keep him awake at 9am he tends to sleep either just before or just after lunch for 1-1.5hrs.

Will see if I can find a toy that will keep him awake in the car (or I'm just going to have to sing really loud - old macdonald) on the nursery runs (dd still goes for 3 mornings a wk during summer).

Let's hope it's just a phase....

callmeovercautious Mon 23-Jul-07 13:09:59

Sounds like alot of sleep in the day. My DD is much younger so no experience. Perhaps you could post a thread on how much others this age are having?

Hope things improve soon

callmeovercautious Mon 23-Jul-07 13:10:05

Sounds like alot of sleep in the day. My DD is much younger so no experience. Perhaps you could post a thread on how much others this age are having?

Hope things improve soon

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