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My 9 month old son won't sleep in his own cot since being unwell

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Steevo1985 Thu 26-Oct-17 19:33:01

Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice. My son has been sleeping in his own cot since he was 6mo. He's now 9 months old and although he was sleeping great, almost always right through, he's now wakening up about 11-12 at night and screaming to get into our bed. He was unwell with the cold about 3 weeks ago and was really blocked up and coughing loads. We were a bit paranoid about him not breathing properly so brought him into our room if he woke during the night. He sleeps great when in with us but obviously we have more space and are more relaxed if hes in his own cot. He wakes up crying and refuses his dummy. He arches his back like something from the exorcist until we pick him up. He calms but as soon as we go to put him down again he goes ape. Last night we persevered for an hour before giving up and bringing him into our bed, where he was sleeping before his head touches the duvet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

crazycatlady5 Thu 26-Oct-17 22:07:24

I would sidecar the cot to your bed so you have some more room but he’s still in with you x

TittyGolightly Thu 26-Oct-17 22:08:37

8 month growth spurt/separation anxiety.

I'd cosleep.

Itscurtainsforyou Thu 26-Oct-17 22:10:27

We are in a similar position, except it's been going on 12 months now (!). We start off with him in his own room and bed, but he now comes into ours in the early hours for the rest of the night.

Hoping someone else has some bright ideas...

FATEdestiny Thu 26-Oct-17 22:31:12

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Sleeping in your bed is very habit forming for baby. So the very first decision to make is how important it is for baby to sleep sleep in the cot all night. Because it needs a degree of consistant effort for a few nights to break the effort.

FATEdestiny Thu 26-Oct-17 22:31:50

Break the habit (not effort)

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