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5am Wake Up Calls = 1 Tired Mummy!

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BrownEyes421 Wed 25-Oct-17 20:12:59

HELP!! My 5 month old won't sleep past 5am! He goes to bed between 20:00 - 21:00 but is always up at 5 and won't go down again. 😓 I've tried putting him to bed sooner but he just wakes up after an hour and then won't go down for another 2 hours.. we have an eat, play, sleep cycle but he's usually ready for a nap around 2/2.5 hours later which can last anything between 30 mins to two hours which means he can have upto 4 naps in the day. He's always been a good sleeper and does sleep from 9 until 5 in one go. If he wakes before 5 he usually goes back down for a couple of hours! I'm desperate for him to sleep past 5 and know he probably naps too much but not really sure how to stop him from napping so much because he's so restless and upset if I try to keep him up. Any advice would be hugely appreciated! Thank you x

MrsBriteSide Wed 25-Oct-17 20:42:07

Do you feed him when he wakes at 5? Maybe he's hungry and will go back down for an hour or so with a full belly. Keep it dark and treat it like a night feed.

BrownEyes421 Wed 25-Oct-17 20:48:46

Yes I feed him as soon as he wakes up in the hopes that he'll go back to sleep but doesn't work.. for his naps during the day he is swaddled and put into his cot with white noise on in the background which always gets him off but I've tried doing that at 5am however it doesn't work! I don't know whether to keep persisting with that technique even if for half an hour every morning so he gets used to it and eventually gives in? Just don't want it to backfire and him not want to nap during the day because he has a negative association to it. Not that he's ever upset when I try to put him back down in the morning, he just chats over the white noise and rolls out of the swaddle!!!

Sandsnake Wed 25-Oct-17 21:00:40

Yes, that's early - I feel for you. The only things I can think of are:
- reducing nap sleep as you've already suggested (although this can sometimes backfire shock)
- 'wake to sleep', which is waking him around an hour or so before he usually wakes up in the hope he resets his sleep cycle and then sleeps for longer. The key to this is to wake him up only enough so he's still very sleepy and goes back to sleep quickly (this can also backfire...)
- Absolutely not properly getting him up until a reasonable time. DS went through a period of waking super early as an older baby and I was quite persistent with staying in the dark with him and encouraging him to go back to sleep (even though it was mostly futile!). His early waking did sort itself out - no idea if it was related to doing this but it can't have harmed.

Good luck!smile

MrsBriteSide Wed 25-Oct-17 21:08:50

I actually have the same happening for the past few weeks with my 6 month old DD. When she wakes at about 5am she's happy enough in her cot so I've started just ignoring her for a bit and trying to snooze through it! This morning I went in her room and switched her nightlight on which made her quiet as she had something to look at. I've also attached a soft book to the crib bars to keep her amused while I doze. I popped in twice to give her the dummy when she started to sound annoyed and hey presto - after about 45 mins of playing she went back to sleep until 7am!

If your baby is happy and not crying, can you try to ignore it and see if he will eventually drop back off to sleep? Does he have a dummy?

Your daytime naps sound fine to me. I don't think you should keep him awake in the daytime if he's tired.

FATEdestiny Wed 25-Oct-17 21:23:13

I would do a wake>feed>resettle at 11pm to reset baby's body clock.

Proper wake up. Add in a nappy change for good measure. Then give it a week or two of consistancy to see results.

FritzDonovan Wed 25-Oct-17 21:28:45

Lots of good ideas above, none of which worked on my dc grin. The best i got was maybe another half hour of them playing in the cot by rotating kick board type amd other toys.
Nowadays they often ned waking for school, but dh alarm goes off at 5am, so not much has changed sleepwise!

BrownEyes421 Wed 25-Oct-17 21:48:01

He has a dummy but doesn't go back off with it. I might try 'Wake to Sleep' but it seems like a big gamble hmm.

MrsBriteSide do you feed your little one when she wakes or just let her do her own thing?

MrsBriteSide Thu 26-Oct-17 08:53:07

I used to feed her when she woke early but she didn't go back to sleep so I decided that if she isn't upset, I will leave her to it. So this week I haven't been feeding her when she wakes early. Yesterday I had the success with switching her nightlight on at 5.15am when she woke and she went back to sleep at 6am til 7am. I then breastfed her at 7am when she woke.

This morning she slept til 6.20am! I did the nightlight thing again which kept her quiet til 7am when my husband got up for work and took her downstairs with him. I then breastfed her at 7.30am when she started to grizzle and moan.

There's hope for you OP. These 5am wakings have been going on for a few weeks now so to get a lie in today has been brilliant. Maybe try some in-cot entertainment like a light (ours makes star patterns on the ceiling) and see if baby will be happy to lay there until you're more ready to get up?

crazycatlady5 Thu 26-Oct-17 10:36:53

I would say it’s a phase at 5 months. I don’t think it’ll last that long, does he sleep from 8.30-5 though? That’s a long sleep which is good! X

BrownEyes421 Thu 26-Oct-17 15:39:36

@MrsBriteSide okay something to bear in mind then! As soon as I hear him up I rush in with a bottle which may be why he is always up because he expects it hmm. He was up at 4:05 this morning had a bottle and went back off until half 7 which was just what I needed smile (although I did end up setting up camp in his room as his cough kept making him lose his dummy!) Will definitely look into some cot toys and maybe a night light smile

@crazycatlady5 hoping it's just a phase! He's always been a long sleeper even from newborn when he was breastfed but it's been recently that he won't go back down for his second stretch of sleep which use to be between 3 - 5 hours long!

MrsBriteSide Thu 26-Oct-17 16:41:02

Yeah I used to rush in as well until a friend suggested maybe to leave it a few minutes. It just never occurred to me to wait and see if she would resettle. I'm glad you got to go back to sleep this morning!

You just need to be careful with stuff in the cot which is why I've just attached a soft book to the bars. Nothing for her to get wrapped up in or smothered by.

Hopefully it's just a phase and he will sleep later very soon.

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