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Want the sleep but can't put baby down

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SleepForTheWeek Sun 08-Oct-17 03:51:01

My DD2 has been congested since birth (now 4 months), it comes and goes in severity but never fully goes away.

She must have just caught a cold as over the last week it’s been getting worse and tonight it’s horrendous.

We were at a wedding tonight and had an amazing time, I’m so tired but every time I put DD2 down she starts choking/coughing/spluttering.

Am I going to have to spend the rest of the night With her upright on my chest???

SquareWord Sun 08-Oct-17 04:01:30

Poor DD and poor you. flowers Can you raise the head end of her cot?

Cupcakegirl13 Sun 08-Oct-17 04:11:35

We had the same with our DD, a Vicks paediatric humidifier really helped.

MujosMama Sun 08-Oct-17 04:18:51

Sorry OPflowers in my experience yes you are. I make myself a pillow fort so I can hold the baby and still sleep with my neck and arms supported. Just as a warning my DS was like this for about a week with a cold recently confused

SleepForTheWeek Sun 08-Oct-17 07:31:07

Thanks, I eventually put her down and she slept another couple of hours.

She’s woken up with a barking cough and now I’m paranoid she has croup sad

The 6 hour drive back home is going to be fun!

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