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does this sleep solution work - pleeeeeaaaase

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lori21 Mon 26-Mar-07 11:26:10

this article about a kind of 'gradual withdrawl' approach was suggested on another thread. It sounds gentler than cc so I would love to hear anyones stories about whether they have done it and whether it worked for them.


ps my lo is 8months waking up every 1 to 2 hours and is somethimes not even settling with a bf aaarrrrrrgggghhh I need some sleep. I know he says that it should not be done before a year but that is when I am back to work so would like at least a block of 4 hours a night before then

tibsy Mon 26-Mar-07 12:38:02

hi lori
dont know whether you saw it on siftw, but i've tried it. it is very good, but i got stuck at no. 5 or 6? and havent managed to get past it, so gave up
i think that says more about me than the technique tho

kiskidee Mon 26-Mar-07 20:26:03

wigglejiggle did it in a modified fashion and it worked.

lori21 Tue 27-Mar-07 14:13:49

thanks everyone. i've decided to tackle daytime naps first and not feed him to sleep to see if this helps when i do the night time.

any one else ????

Queenee Wed 20-Jun-07 14:28:40

Help! I have 22 month old screaming at bedtime and refusing to go into his cot. Been a pretty good sleeper until 2 weeks ago. Bathtime, stories all fine then when it comes to going into the cot, screaming, hysteria. Been doing comforting and leaving it longer between visits but sometimes ends up taking 1-2 hours to get him to sleep. Any help and suggestions welcome, I am knackered!

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