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Transition to cot

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Unexpectedbaby Sun 09-Apr-17 00:28:44


DD is 16 weeks old and for the past 3/4 weeks has been napping in her cot. She is too stimulated being in a room with people and just won't sleep. She sleeps overnight in her Moses basket in our room still currently. I started putting her in her cot for naps so she would be used to it but it seems to have backfired and she is settling less and less in her Moses basket

I am aware of SIDS guidelines of 6 months but she is starting to get too big for her Moses basket and we would not get her cot in our room. We have an angelcare monitor with movement sensor for her cot.

I feel like I should move her to her cot of a night where she seems so much comfier and settled but not sure if I'm ready for that.

What age do people move of they don't have the option of having their cot in the same room as them?

thethoughtfox Sun 09-Apr-17 09:42:08

My sister put the cot in the hallway just outside her room!

FATEdestiny Sun 09-Apr-17 10:05:57

What furniture do you have in your bedroom? Anything you can move out temporarily? A chest of drawers takes about the same space as a cot. You could move the drawers into the nursery for now, and cot in its place.

Unexpectedbaby Sun 09-Apr-17 10:27:07

We only have the bed and large wardrobes that we wouldn't be able to move out of the room without dismantling them and have no where big enough for them to be rebuilt in the meantime.

Unfortunately our hallway is very narrow so although a great idea just not feasible

FATEdestiny Sun 09-Apr-17 10:51:59

Is the bed wall to wall? Could you push the bed one way to fit the cot in at one side. It might not be terribly convenient, but convenience isn't the priority here.

TeaTeaTea Thu 13-Apr-17 14:28:56

Unexpectedbaby We had the same issue as you when DS was smaller - infact we were disturbing his sleep by turning over in bed & DH snoring! That and the fact he outgrew his moses basket quickly and had no room for the cot in our room. So transfered him to his room - with the monitors - at around 3.5 months. I know the guidelines say 6months (although a female, paediatric doctor said she put her children in own rooms at 2months!) but it was our decision - based on fact he was a full term baby, healthy weight, good eater and breastfed.
Worked so well that even first night DS didn't seem to even notice and slept so well - until the 4 month sleep regression, ha!

It's each to their own, if not comfortable moving DD then a furniture shuffle will have to be done to accomadate her cot, or can you move a spare bed into the nursery?

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