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Help, my 6month old is waking every hour!!

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ReginaldsMum Mon 20-Mar-17 07:44:49

Help!! My ds is 6 months and has started waking up every hour through the night! He's never been a great sleeper but normally begins to stir every 4/5 hours and I can quickly settle him back to sleep. The last week it's been every hour! He doesn't exactly wake up but begins to toss and turn and become unsettled. No crying and I get straight to him so he doesn't actually open his eyes properly. Quick cuddle or pat and he's asleep again. Any advice on what I can do to help? He no longer has a bottle in the night and that doesn't seem to bother him. His routine is normally
wake 7am,
bottle 8am,
nap 10am,
food 11am,
nap 1pm,
bottle 2pm,
nap 3/4pm,
food 5pm (sometimes with pudding half hour after, bedtime 8pm.
So has 3 bottles, 2 meals and 3 naps throughout the day.

keepitgoing Mon 20-Mar-17 08:54:35

Is that enough milk?? My DS is nearly 6m and I've not even started weaning but perhaps you should add an extra bottle back (I'm bf though and feed waaay more than that..)

Newmother8668 Mon 20-Mar-17 10:40:26

Wow, my baby is 5 1/2 months and I still feed every two hours with one to two night wakings.

FATEdestiny Mon 20-Mar-17 11:04:02

I'd suggest hunger.

Remember early weaning foods are low calorie (fruit, veg, lean meat). The most calorie dense foodstuff baby can have is milk.

For this reason, the volume of milk baby has pre-weaning needs to be maintained at the same level post-weaning. In fact with physical development like rolling and crawling, the amount of milk a 6.5 month old has might be more than the amount of milk a 5.5 month old has.

Early weaning solids should be in addition to milk, not replacing milk feeds.

keepitgoing Mon 20-Mar-17 13:11:08

new i have usually 3 night wakings at the mo...

Heirhelp Mon 20-Mar-17 19:22:36

My 10 month is just starting to drop night feeds now and she is one 3 solid meals and 2 snacks a day.

Milk should be the main source of nutrition yet your little one is going 18 hours without milk from 2 pm to 8 am. They must be very hungry.

notanothernamechangebabes Mon 20-Mar-17 19:26:45

Yeah my 6 month old DS is about to start weaning.
I'm breastfeeding him every 2-3 hours in the day, and a couple of times between 7pm and 5am.
Some nights he wakes more than that... obviously all babies are different but I can't imagine when we start weaning we'll be dropping any feeds until DS refuses them.

TheMasterNotMargarita Mon 20-Mar-17 19:39:03

My 6 months old is eating but very little actual food.
Our loose routine is
7am wake
7.30am breastfeed
8am a tablespoon of porridge or mashed banana or a small piece of toast
8.30/9am more breastfeeding and nap
11am 5oz formula milk
11.30am nap
Then depends on how long he sleeps but on waking I offer food some mashed potato/Carrot or whatever and more breastfeeding if he wants.
We play/nap/bf as required during the afternoon.
At around 5pm I offer another small bit of food then he has another 5oz bottle of milk.
He will then sometimes go straight for more breastmilk if he's napped badly and is tired or will play for a bit then feed/sleep from 6/7pm onwards.
He feeds as required through the night...I've stopped looking at the clock but I think most nights we have 2-4 'wakeups' which in reality is me rolling over to his cosleeper so he can feed/suckle. But he does go for 4-5 hours many nights and others it feels like he's awake every hour.
It's doesn't seem like you are giving very much milk. How much is he eating?

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