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I need to stop the bottles don't I!

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MrsSparkles Tue 07-Mar-17 15:25:59

DD2 is 9 months. Naps really well, self settles beautifully for these and at bedtime, but still wakes up 2 or 3 times a night wanting cuddles or a bottle. She doesn't need them does she? I just need to be brave and stop them...

CoffeeAndCakeEssentials Tue 07-Mar-17 15:28:39

My DS is 12 months and relies on a bottle to sleep if at home for a nap. He will nap happily without it if we're out and about in the car / sling / buggy. He still wakes once a night for a feed too. I can't seem to stop the habit, he won't sleep without it! I figure if it gets him to sleep so I can get sleep, we all win! He won't be doing it forever :-)

2014newme Tue 07-Mar-17 15:31:11

Water only in the night

FATEdestiny Tue 07-Mar-17 16:46:52

She should be able go through the night without bottles. If you were breastfeeding that would be different, because night breastfeeds are more about comfort than calories. The calories she shouldn't need.

But reassurance when/If she wakes - she needs that. If you dont want to be getting up to provide that comfort in the form of cuddles etc, better to establish sn independant way to self-comfort (dummy, blankie, snuggle toy).

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