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Sleep advice for DS2

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SleepyHeadThisTime Thu 05-Jan-17 12:22:25

I have one child, DS1 and am pregnant with DS2, due in Spring.

We had endless problems with DS1 (15mo) and sleep which we have largely cracked. DS1 was very alert and struggled to switch off. He would only take a dummy when teething, and it never sent him to sleep. I bf to sleep until that stopped working about 2/3 months, then we rocked to sleep standing up until our backs couldn't take it any more (he woke up a lot on transition to the cot anyway). Then rocked/cuddled to sleep on my lap until he started bucking and thrashing around (couldn't seem to get comfy the bigger he got) and I was worried about him throwing himself off my lap. Then I would get him to sleep on our bed using what I called 'the human swaddle' i.e. a firm cuddle. And eventually managed to get him sleeping in his cot, withdrawing from the 'human swaddle', to a comforting hand, to lights out and leaving the room. (phew!) He has a cuddle blanket which helps a lot.

I want to avoid this madness with DS2 at all costs!

I am planning to: turn a normal cot into a co-sleeper by taking the side off. Swaddle. Use a cot mobile. Be much more persistent with a dummy earlier on and when he's old enough, introduce a cuddle blanket.

I have so many questions around this though - particularly dummies. I hope to bf so when's the earliest I can introduce a dummy? DS1 had jaundice so I'm cautious about this particularly. How can I encourage him to take a dummy if he's not keen to begin with? I know you're only meant to have a dummy for sleep time, but when they're very little and sleep so much, how do you distinguish between tired and needing a dummy and just fussy?

Also, what age do you put the side back on the cot? How do you fill the gap between the cot and the bed? And lastly when and how do you break the swaddle?

That was a lot longer than I anticipated so thanks if you read the whole thing! Grateful for any advice on this and any other tips for sleep!

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