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3.5 year old fighting bedtime

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lyssie29 Fri 23-Dec-16 20:00:03

My daughter is almost 4 she is going through a phase where she says no to everything, acts up etc to get a reaction. I ignore her ok through the day and she gets bored and calms down and plays nice but bedtime is different. She's always been easy to put to bed and even with her acting up at bedtime now it's still maybe half an hour tops. However, I can be in and out of her room 5 or 6 times. She shouts for me and bangs on her wall. Sometimes I go in and she can't think of what to ask she just wanted me to go in. I've tried rewards, taking treats off her even telling her Santa might think she's naughty and he won't bring presents for her. It's actually starting to make me really angry. What can I do? She has a baby sister next door and I don't want to leave her shouting incase she wakes her. It's got to the point where I can't even read her a bedtime story because she just jumps around me on the bed being silly. I'm a single mum and I'm grieving and it's the only time I have to myself right now. Her daddy died in April but I don't think it's because of that as she's just started doing it really.

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