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6Month old trying to sleep on his side

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CheeseFiend36 Thu 22-Dec-16 04:58:17


My 6 month old DS isn't rolling properly yet however is showing all the signs that he will do soon. He has been waking during the night for the past few months (has cut 2 teeth, has gone off milk in the day so is waking in the night to feed etc) - all very exhausting. I've noticed that in the past week, after I've tried to settle him in the middle of the night he appears to try and take his side. He can't do it fully himself yet so gets all frustrated when he ends up on his back, and then I pick him up and try and rock him back to sleep.

After a few recurring incidents of this happening tonight, I have picked him up and brought him to my bed, where he has been trying to take his side again and is whinging while doing so. This time I have given him a bit of a helping hand by folding his leg over to keep his balance and have propped a cushion behind him to help hold him in place. He instantly fell asleep.

I have heard about sids risk of sleeping on the front but does helping him sleep on his side present any huge risks, or does anybody else's Baby seem to sleep better on their side?

Thank you for reading flowers

Bobkinyoyo Thu 22-Dec-16 05:06:21

Mine has been side sleeping since 4.5 months and tummy sleeping since 8 months

Rosa Thu 22-Dec-16 05:07:33

DD2 did this from an early stage , how she moved in the night I will never know as she was in a grobag and she used to get herself to the side of the cot and then half turn on her side. I was terrified ( as she would be at thebars of the cot or the travel cot ) so I got one of thise baby wedge things like 2 foam ( breathable) triangles that you stuck on a cotton base meaning that she could half turn but not flip onto her tummy . As she was doing this before she could hold her head up. PRobably OTT as she would almost flip over when in the pram as well but it gave me peace of mind. When I put her on her tummy or side though she would scream blue murder....

CheeseFiend36 Thu 22-Dec-16 05:13:56

Thank you both. Rosa do you have a link to the product you are talking about? I think I would prefer some peace of mind

Me624 Thu 22-Dec-16 12:45:57

My DS is 9 months and has slept on his front since he learned to roll at approx 4.5 months. It unnerved me at first but the lullaby trust advice is that it's fine for them to sleep on their fronts or sides once they're getting there themselves. As soon as I put DS in his cot he rolls onto his front - there's nothing I could do to stop him! At 6 months the SIDS risk is vastly reduced anyway - personally I'd let him sleep on his side if he's happier there.

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