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9 months... sleep regression? Just shit sleeper? Just need a moan really :(

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Tumtitum Wed 23-Nov-16 07:52:09

Ugh. Been up with DD in my bed since around 3.30. I know there are worse sleepers and she does tend to have one good chunk at the beginning of the night (and yes I go to bed early) but from 12 or 1 she can be up very frequently, she'll self settle at times, let my husband settle her at times, but mostly she wants boob. She is trying to crawl so I know she is having a developmental leap but she has also never been a good sleeper, slept through maybe 4/5 times. I do a bit of letting her grizzle and encouraging her to self settle but wouldn't be up for proper CC/CIO and my husband would be aghast at the suggestion. I think i probably know all the advice but feel free to hit me with some more anyway or just give me a glimmer of hope that she will sleep eventually! I go back to work in two months, I work in a medical setting, and the thought of going into work having been up since 4 (and up for feeds prior to that) horrifies me sad

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