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Night Owl Newborn!!!!!!

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JaclynLouise Sat 08-Oct-16 23:30:21

So my little one is 10 days old, she's my second and my first wasn't easy, so I know how bad nights can be. At least I thought I did. BUT! My lovely baby sleeps aaaaall day long and then is up all night, it's hell, and I'm struggling with the affects!
Does anyone have any advice in how to fix her cycle? I know she'll get used to less feeds etc as time goes on but the issue is getting her to recognise when's day and when's night! I've tried waking her up during the day but she refuses to wake! My other one is 22 months so we're very loud and lively during the day and quiet at night,
Help please!?!? Thanks xx

Gillian1980 Sun 09-Oct-16 01:41:44

Sympathies, it's so hard isn't it.

But totally normal, the majority of newborns have day & night back to front and it can also ale up to a few weeks for them to work it out.

All you can really do is make daytime bright, stimulating etc and keep evenings and nighttime dark and quiet to help them learn.

Hope it passes soon!

Lookinatu Sun 09-Oct-16 02:12:10

Don't worry this is normal if you think about it she was rocked to sleep during the day when you walked and more awake at night when you rested.
My dd is 6 weeks old and for the first 3 weeks I just let her do the guiding of what she wanted then I did a bed time routine. Night time was always at the same place I would bath her or wipe her down and change her into fresh clothes and feed her in a darkish, quiet room. I kinda used the guidance that she didn't like to be awake no longer than 90 mins during the day before she needed a sleep so started with keeping her awake (as long as she was happy) by singing or talking to her and obviously not much stimulation during the night. At 4 ish weeks she was happy with night-time being 7/8pm-6am.
Congratulations by the way flowers

JaclynLouise Sun 09-Oct-16 05:12:11

It's definitely not easy! She'll be 2 weeks soon so I'm hoping she'll start to want to be awake a bit more anyway and I can try and make that happen during the day!
Getting her to stay up for half an hour can be a struggle sometimes!
I will try the giving her a wipe down and into jammies at bed time though, I have a set routine with my older one and she is great with it so maybe I can try to do the same smile thanks for the support xx

GashleyCrumbTiny Sun 09-Oct-16 10:06:05

I've got one of these! She's four weeks and still resolutely nocturnal. In the daytime she'll sleep through anything - we try to talk/play/sing during the daytime periods she was awake but it's usually up for a feed then sparked out again for a few hours till the next one. Every visitor we've had asks if she ever opens her eyes! She does - as soon as the lights go out and we quiet down for the night! Other than living our days with the curtains drawn and sleeping with lights and radio on on accordance with her current pattern I don't know what to try!

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