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Naps in sling

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Sukhino24 Fri 02-Sep-16 09:18:26


My baby is 14 weeks, he had/has mild reflux (we have it relatively under control now) however, he has been carried around most of his life and slept upright. For the past 5 weeks he has been sleeping peacefully in a sling on me - he loves it and can sleep for hours. I dont mind i like the extra cuddles but i cant really do much and i dont get a break so its hard and i worry he will never go for naps any way else if i carry on.

This week we gently sleep trained for the night time and he now sleeps through with 2 dream feeds at 11 and 3 and is happy in the morning! We also weaned him off his dummy so he is just about getting the hang of self soothing with his fingers and hands. The dummy was just waking him up and causing him less sleep.

We tried putting him in the cot in the day and gently training for this too but he was so upset i couldnt take it despite my soothing and my gut feeling just said it wasnt right so i have stopped.

My question is, does anyone else have or has had a baby that only naps in the sling? How did you transition them out without CIO or CC methods? Will he grow out of it as he gets older and be a little better at going down?

I know teaching them to sleep alone is an important lesson they mist learn but 14 weeks seems so small for me to make him cry so much.
I would love to hear from anyone else who is in a simialr situation.


Gillian1980 Fri 02-Sep-16 11:38:38

I'm not a great example as my DD is 13 months and still won't nap in her cot (though has slept fine in it since 8 weeks old).

She napped on me for 6 months, then in the sling for 4 months and since then it's in bed with me.

If I try to get her in the cot for a nap all hell breaks loose and she screams until she's sick. So I've given up trying.

My housework never gets done.

golfmonkey Fri 02-Sep-16 12:15:12

I have a friend whose dd had severe reflux and who never even slept at night lying down. As soon as she hit 6 months things got better and she's slept through and napped amazingly since (now 21 months). My dd2 naps in the sling as I am running around with dd1 and can't get her down any other way. Hoping at some point I'll be able to...

messire1980 Fri 02-Sep-16 12:45:32

I may tell what i did when my son had that problem, I was carrying him to sleep with small reflux till he was 6 months, it was a hard time for me because I was getting divorced in this time too.
Finally I have found in internet some information what can be done in this problems, so
they sayed that first i should put some blanket under his pillow so his stomach and head was higher then rest of his body, but because he was crying every time when i put him to cot to sleep, they sayed I have to leave him any way but get back to him every 5-10 minutes to check him and gently say ( even this kind of small babys doesnt understand) its time to sleep, is no reason to cry, and mummy is in another room.
So i followed this advise and for the first days after 4h crying finally he start used to the routine and I have strated coming back to him later after around 20 min, but in the same time he start falling asleep after 2h, it tooks me 3 weeks to teach my son sleep on his own and reflux was gonne as well, because my son start feel calmer and more sequire that im close to him.
with my baby girl I was smarter and I have start doing the same way very early, when she was 2 months, and it works straight away and it didnt took long (only a week) to teach her to sleep on her own, and right now, I can have friend over the night without me desipering to sit with baby for most of the time.
wish you good luck, and I hope my experience may help you

piesoclock Sat 03-Sep-16 08:40:16

My 13 month old still has,some naps in his sling. He can also sleep in his pram, car seat, travel cot and bed cot, and on his Dad.
It will get easier as he gets older, at the moment do what works for you.

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