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How do I stop feeding to sleep?

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Huishnish Fri 19-Aug-16 19:48:22

I have lovely DS2 who is 4 months. He is really easygoing baby and has been sleeping pretty well (EBF). His sleep recently has got quite a lot worse but it's still totally manageable compared to my DS1 who was a terrible sleeper. The only problem is I feed him to sleep every time. I wouldn't mind except that I'm going back to work in November and I work evenings so I'll need either DH or MIL to put him into bed. I absolutely love feeding him to sleep, nothing quite like feeling the wee head on your arm and hearing the baby snores! Is there a way of gently encouraging him to settle to sleep on his own? I can't even remember how DS1 finally managed to settle on his own, the whole thing is a blur! Any ideas/advice gratefully received!

fluffikins Fri 19-Aug-16 21:09:40

I wouldn't worry, he'll know your Dh/mum don't have milk so he'll learn a new way off them. They might have to rock him or just hold him but it'll be fine. Maybe introduce a song/music as you feed that they can play so he associates with sleeping/comfort

ACubed Sun 21-Aug-16 18:01:39

I'm going back to work soon and stopped feeding to sleep. I would just feed then put down awake in the cot, if he was upset I let him suck my finger , and if he was crying I'd cuddle him then put him back. It only took a few days to get it, and now although it's not always plain sailing, he happily goes to sleep by himself nearly every night and about who thirds of naps, and slept through the night a fair few times (6pm-6am), at four and a half months. I hear him wake but he doesn't cry, just sucks his fingers and goes back down. I know all children are different, but for us this method was so worthwhile. Good luck x

Huishnish Sun 21-Aug-16 18:35:19

Thanks so much for your replies. Fluffikins I've got ewen the sheep going at bedtime feeds so hopefully that will help, thanks. ACubed was it pick up put down that you did? Cuddle baby until he was calm again and then put him back? I'd love to try something like that as I'm struggling to put him down for a nap during the day with DS1 23 months to look after to. Would be amazing if he could settle himself. Can you give a bit more detail of what you did? Thanks!

muddypuddled Sun 21-Aug-16 19:01:45

We're trying pick up put down at the moment too with my dd as I'm in the same situation as you. It worked great for my ds. Took about 3 nights to work I think. I never got it to stick for him in the day though but I think that was because we were out and about so much that he napped on the go. Good luck.

Diddlydokey Sun 21-Aug-16 19:04:27

Only offer feeds upon waking
Use shh-pat to settle in cot

ACubed Sun 21-Aug-16 20:50:36

Yes it was basically pick up put down, with some extra finger sucking which really calms him down. He tries to suck his thumb but can't quite figure it out yet, and I couldn't be bothered with a dummy : )

Huishnish Sun 21-Aug-16 21:54:14

Thanks for your replies. Muddypuddled have just been reading your thread about pick up put down, can you let us know how you go with that? will follow how you get on with interest! Thanks for the finger sucking tip ACubed. DS1 only learned how to self settle once he started sucking his thumb and DS2 is trying but hasn't figured it out yet so hopefully that will help for now. Dread the tears but I know in the long run its better for everyone

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