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Wriggling rollling 2 month old

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mallorcanmummy Tue 14-Jun-16 06:47:05

My 2mth old DS has started wriggling I. His sleep, arching his back and sucking his fist. Really loudly. At first, I'd feed him as I thought he was hungry, but he'd feed for a minute then stop. He is sleeping well, I am not. I wake up and check him every time he makes a noise.

The last couple of nights, he has added some serious cries, but he still seems to be asleep. They sound like discomfort or pain, but he doesn't wake up, just me!

Last night he did it to such an extent that he rolled on to his side. And he wriggled and rolled 90° to sleep horizontal across his cot so his feet kept kicking through the bars. I tried putting his dummy in, but that fell out after a while, and I also REALLY don't want him to get used to sleeping with it. At the moment, he only has it when he gets really worked up or really can't get to sleep.

Between thinking he's awake, wondering whether to feed him, worrying he's in discomfort, worrying he's going to roll onto his front and get stuck and worrying he's going to get his foot caught, this mum is getting very little sleep.

I sound like a really anxious mum, I'm not really!

For context, it's really hot here and we don't have air con. He was sleeping in a sleeping bag, but the last week he's just been a long sleeve body with feet and last night he wwas only in a nappy. I tried putting a light blanket/sheet over him but he just kicked out of it. I don't know if the change in temp/nightclothes could make a difference.

Any experience of this or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Squaffle Tue 14-Jun-16 17:24:05

DD is 10 weeks and has always been a noisy sleeper... snoring, coughing, squeaking, laughing, snuffling, sometimes a few cries, sighing loudly: you name it! She has also just started rolling on to her side so that her legs and feet stick out of the cot bars and then makes more noise if she can't get them back in again. She is in a zip-up swaddle with a blanket over it, but no matter how tight we tuck the blanket in she still manages to bust out!

So I've just ordered one of these: I'm going to put it around the bottom of her cot so that I can still see her top half but it will keep her bottom half behind bars.

As for the noise, I'm used to it now: I used to wake up and get up to check her with every single slight sound but now I also know the noises she makes when she's truly awake so that helps. Can you see your son from your bed so that you don't have to physically get up? Maybe try a nightlight too so all you have to do if you're worried is sit up, have a quick look, and lie down again.

It's easier said than done but try and enjoy your sleep and rest assured that your son will let you know if he needs you!

Good luck smile

Onthedowns Tue 14-Jun-16 19:23:49

It might be reflux?

mallorcanmummy Tue 14-Jun-16 19:53:17

onthedowns i don't think he's ever had reflux before, this has only come up in the last few days. Could he start getting reflux if he didn't have it in the first few weeks?

mallorcanmummy Tue 14-Jun-16 19:54:38

how would I know if it is reflux??

mallorcanmummy Tue 14-Jun-16 19:57:25

squiffle that's what a couple of my friends have said too. But he does seem a little distressed with his cries, not just noises.

I can see him, but not when it's dark. I'll look at getting a night light tomorrow.

Thanks to both of you!

mallorcanmummy Tue 14-Jun-16 20:15:28

Sorry, I'm perfectly capable of looking up reflux, and have just done so.

He very occasionally spits up, and he does sometimes seem fussy straight after feeding (exclusively breastfed). I wonder whether it could be silent reflux.

I've put a pillow underneath the head end of his mattress. I'll see if that makes any difference tonight.

I'm still not sure if this is something that can develop over the first few months, but we'll see.

amysmummy12345 Tue 14-Jun-16 20:23:53

Following for advice on silent reflux

mallorcanmummy Wed 15-Jun-16 08:51:06

I think the pillow under the mattress really helped. He still managed to twist horizontal 2 or 3 times during the night and I put him straight again, but he didn't cry at all. In fact he slept through from about 11pm to 6.30am!!

He's had quite violent hiccups this morning, though, which made him do a similar cry after each one, so they seemed quite painful. nothing seemed to calm him, until I fed him, and then he fell asleep on the boob.

Has anyone else got any suggestions on silent reflux? I'd rather not try medication if avoidable, especially as I've heard they can have worse side effects.

Elephantslovetofly Thu 16-Jun-16 19:03:38

This sounds very much like my DD! She is 8 weeks, generally sleeps well from around 11pm-4/5am, but makes a lot of noise - snuffling, grunting, squeaking etc. Sometimes crying. We check her multiple times, but is never really awake

She has also developed what I think is silent reflux too in the past 2 weeks - cries and screws her face up towards the end of some feeds. I just sit her up and try to wind her - this usually helps, but then I often have sit with her upright for a while afterwards. The other thing that works is putting her up on my shoulder and walking round with her. It is frustrating, as it now generally takes longer to get her to sleep after a feed (we can only get her to go down if already properly asleep 95% of the time). She does sleep in the car seat, but I don't want to get into the habit of doing that....

Onthedowns Fri 17-Jun-16 06:48:23

Sorry for delay! Have a child with sever silent reflux! Sounds like raising the mattress has helped. I don't know of many non medicated scenarios! But if mild you might get away with just the raising of mattress. Waiting at least 20 mins after feeding before putting down can help , sometimes avoiding dairy? . My son is severe so none of these things work. He's on medication and also special formula

mallorcanmummy Fri 17-Jun-16 08:05:23

onthedowns, that must be hard for both of you sad

the mattress has definitely helped. He's also starting getting upset sometimes if I feed him across me, I've had to do the rugby hold which he doesn't seem to mind so much. And also holding him upright after feeds too.

He stills cries a bit in his sleep, but that seems to ve more when he twists himself horizontal and gets his head pushed against the bars. I'm looking into the bumper that squaffle linked to, I'm trying to find something similar where I am. Not sure if it's possible!

I've been looking at other symptoms, and we've had a bit of bubbling at the mouth, a few coughs, the painful hiccups. He's only really distressed a bit after feeds, and sometimes he's perfectly happy but he does seem a bit more grizzly generally.

I'm also wondering whether he's getting enough milk. Gaah. He's always fed quickly, but his feeds seem even shorter now. And he's still weeing, but poos have gone right down to 1 or 2 a day. It's just so hard to know what's going on, and what to do sad

FATEdestiny Fri 17-Jun-16 10:19:14

The dummy is the simplest and gentlest no crying sleep solution.

mallorcanmummy Sat 18-Jun-16 15:21:17

FATE I try to limit dummy use as much as possible. I only give it to him, when he's overtired and working himself up big time. It either sends him straight off to sleep or calms him down completely. 9 times out of 10, he will spit it out as soon as he goes to sleep and doesn't need it again. I've tried it while he's asleep and moving around as above, but it just falls out.

He's just had over an hour's nap, where he fidgeted and moaned pretty much the whole time, but with no cries. He woke up alert and happy, so I picked him up, thinking we'd go and play. The moment I picked him up, he's zonked out completely, instantly.

I feel like that hour was sort of useless sleep...he didn't get any real benefit from it. Is he getting dependent on sleeping on me, or does he just want more sleep? Fwiw, he only sleeps for 45mins during the day, when in his cot/buggy, and he will often sleep for double that on me.

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