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Sleep while baby awake at night?

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mallorcanmummy Sun 15-May-16 05:04:49

I've just put my 5wo back in his crib after a fab night where he fed at 11 and woke up half 5. Thing is, I'm pretty sure he was still awake when I fell asleep last night. We put him in his cot and he was awake but content, gurgling away ans the next thing I.know,.it's 5.30. My DH says I should make the most of it and sleep, but I feel guilty that I slept and part of me feels I should've stayed awake, while the exhausted part of me would love to agree with him! (He's in our room so I hear anything more than gurgling.
Opinions on a post card please!
And while I'm here, I'm in the same situation now, he is awake next to me, but content. Can I go back to sleep??

Sleepybunny Sun 15-May-16 05:09:09

Oh my good god, go to sleep woman!

Yes it's perfectly OK if you have been blessed with a baby that can settle himself away from you.

He's safe in his cot, you would wake if he needed you.

There will be nights during growth spurts, teething, illness etc where he'll no doubt be more demanding. So make the most of this glorious time!

DropYourSword Sun 15-May-16 05:11:55

I have a 2 1/2 week old, who does NOT sleep unless he's literally cuddling on my chest. For the love of everything holy, sleep sleep sleep!!

Thataintnoetchasketch Sun 15-May-16 05:19:51

Your post makes me want to cry. I have a 19 week old who has been up three times so far and recently that's a good night. Enjoy it & hope it lasts.

mallorcanmummy Sun 15-May-16 06:24:40

Thank you for getting back to me! thataintno... I didn't mean to make anyone feel bad! If it makes you feel better, that's the first good night we've had without A LOT of screaming before sleeping, or falling asleep on me then waking and crying as soon as I put him in his cot. Fingers crossed it stays this way for me, and that it goes this way for you!!! Sending hugs and sleep! smile

mallorcanmummy Sun 15-May-16 06:26:42

And Sod's law, while he went back to sleep for an hour, I have absolutely not been able to! I've been lying here wide awake, and now he's awake again! Gah.

Thataintnoetchasketch Sun 15-May-16 09:48:10

Sorry mallorcan it's not anything you said, I just remember a lovely three weeks when DS was 6 weeks old where he slept for 7 or 8 hours most nights and I felt like superwoman. The first few nights he did it I couldn't sleep either though because I was still in the habit of getting up. Fingers crossed you get a good sleep again tonight!

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