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13mo sudden night wakings...

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RabbitRabbit1 Mon 18-Apr-16 02:23:05

Any word of wisdom. Writing this on a Sunday night at 2am before I have to wake up in 4 hours for work!
DD is 13mo, has slept consistently well since some very gentle sleep training when she was 7mo. This weekend she has started waking up overnight. Friday was at 9pm
and with repeated trips in to settle her we eventually gave her a bath and 'repeated' bedtime bc she was beyond inconsolable and not comforted by either the presence of me or DH. She went to sleep at 11, and was up at 6am the next day. She usually sleeps for 12 hours...
This has been repeating itself over the weekend (except the wakings last night and tonight have been 1am and 2am respectively), and am not sure what's caused it. It's putting not only a huge strain on her (she seems exhausted and ratty). But DH and I at each other's throats as unable to agree on course of action and are therefore being inconsistent in how we deal with it. I have been trying 'shush pat' but it only upsets her (and me) more. Should I therefore leave her or is it the act of reassurance which is important in this method.
Any wisdom both about what's causing it and how we solve? TIA
If I don't respond now I will in am!

thevicky Mon 18-Apr-16 04:35:52

I'm also watching this one with interest - DS currently not sleeping for more than 2 hrs at a time. He's wide awake and ready to play at 3am and up at 5.30. Luckily I'm a SAHM, but it's having a real impact on my husband and older son too. He was never the best sleeper, but this is ridiculous.
Hope you get some sleep tonight Rabbit x

icklekid Mon 18-Apr-16 05:13:12

Could it be teething pain? Just trying to think of something that would unsettle. I would try calpol and a cuddle in your bed then return when calm (or cosleep if fall asleep and you don't mind?)

RabbitRabbit1 Mon 18-Apr-16 07:48:50

So.... In the end out of desperation we left DD to CIO for 15 mins as it was the only course of action we could agree on in the end. No judgement please...

The rationale was largely based on the fact she seems totally unreassured by me going into her room at intervals. In fact as mentioned it appears to upset her (and me) more and I am trying to understand whether the act of reassurance is important in spite of the fact the situation take longer to resolve and upsets her more in the interim. Is this normal? Getting her up on Friday night prolonged the episode by 2+ hours and I do strongly believe that she needs her sleep (as to a lesser extent do we, being up all night on a Friday is bearable, but Sunday is more challenging).

So.... I've woken up feeling completely shattered and moreover with a load of self loathing about the whole thing. Ongoing I want to behave consistently - and don't want a repeat of last night, but at the other extreme don't necessarily want to do the co-sleeping thing.

I will also give her some neurofen as a precaution in case it's molars but am praying that's not the case, I am also doubtful given on Friday when she eventually calmed down she seemed fine in herself and only started crying again when we put her back in the cot... I am wondering if it could be an attachment thing - and brief Google seems to tally with age. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated...

thevicky Mon 18-Apr-16 14:12:51

Hey Rabbit, no judgement here, it worked for my DS at 9mths and I'm planning to do something similar next week when my husband has some time off (great holiday huh?!).
I'm definitely seeing daytime behaviour that tallies with attachment issues. I'm going to prepare for next week with lots of games of peebo and hide and seek as this, apparently, helps them to understand that you're still around even when they can't see you.
Also going to try to stop naps afte 3pm, although that's not easy with the school run, and have ordered blackout lining for bedroom curtains to combat early waking.
I think there's some teething going on too and used Calpol last night. Am armed with Bonjela and powers too!
Will keep you posted on tonight's progress. Good luck - hope you get some sleep.

RabbitRabbit1 Mon 18-Apr-16 21:05:18

Thanks V... Bracing myself for another episode and will probably go to bed now in advance of another unsettled night. I got some advice and have been told that in absence of anything obvious like teething it's probably habitual and consistency is indeed key.

In spite of the fact it might upset her more I am reverting to the original plan and will go in at intervals for reassurance. I won't get her out of the cot but will let her know I am three but that she needs to resettle.

DH on board too which is a major thing so hopefully we sort it out.... Still remains to seen which one of us actually carries it out-- but my money's on me. -- wink

Best of luck to you too. Hope you all get some sleep! Will keep you posted this e

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