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Can we talk 20-week-old sleep (or lack of)??

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SouthernComforter Wed 30-Mar-16 08:48:50

My 4.5mo is still in my room (in my bed, in a sleepyhead). He was a really good sleeper, waking maybe once a night for a feed. He's now up two, three or for four times every night, plus he wakes every night when I go to bed, so he has a 'dream feed' when I was aiming for an early night because I'm up in a couple of hours anyway. Baby now he doesn't have a sleep cycle, night or day, that lasts more than a couple of hours. I'm worn out and feel about 407 years old! I guess I'm asking -
1) whether he needs to feed every time he wakes or whether this is encouraging him to wake? El chunko is on the 90+ percentile and breastfed. Increased night feeds mean that I now can't say to husband 'give him a bottle' because I couldn't get through a night without having to express.
2) if I don't feed how will I get him back off?
3) Could he be hungrier than I realise? He didn't seem v interested in feeding in 2 of his wake ups last night but other times seems ravenous. Maybe I should introduce a bit of baby rice at teatime? (Or formula - but then I'm full of milk at bedtime).
4) should I just move him to his own room? We mostly haven't done that yet because we also have an early rising/cot escaping toddler and we still use the monitor's light protector for him... stupid really. Husband deals with toddler and I mostly do baby, although we do swap about a bit in the night sometimes. We're both shattered. And it's time we got back in our own bed together.
Sorry for the super long wittering of a woman losing the will to live...

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