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5 month old awake all night every night what can I do??

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lyssie29 Mon 21-Mar-16 05:24:43

My lg is 5 months old and she has reflux. When she was born for the first 3 months she slept ok maybe waking twice a night for a feed and sometimes even slept through. Since 3 months old though she has been waking all night long and we can't get her back to sleep. She's not interested in her milk or dummy. She doesn't want to be rocked to sleep. She is in a routine and naps ok through the day and goes to bed between 6.30 and 7.30. We have always been able to just put her down in her cot with her dummy and she drifts off happily herself. She sleeps until around midnight and then wakes all night long and lately isn't settling at all past around 4am. Does anyone have any advice to help her sleep? We can't do controlled crying as she's in our room and we also have a 3 year old.

unintendedcatlady Mon 21-Mar-16 05:48:48

I have a 5 month old. With reflux that is only finally getting sorted because of a huge cry in front of the health visitor. She gets me up at 4.30am everyday.

Hopefully someone comes along with some good advice, sorry I haven't got any! Just wanted to tell you you're not alone. The past month or so have been the most exhausting of my life. Hope you're surviving ok & it's a phase that ends soon (this is a mantra I repeat every morning!)

Sugarplummy84 Wed 23-Mar-16 18:12:45

I'm in the same boat. Would love some advice too....

NewBallsPlease00 Sun 27-Mar-16 22:18:00

same position, also watching… my son is possibly milk intolerant so i'm bf, and dairy free
because he is just about still giaiing weight none cares
hes on omeprozole but after 2 weeks of helping now isn't
im so effing tired and grumpy and boring I'm fed up
and its easter and i can't eat notml chocolate
my husband didn't even try and get me an egg

unintendedcatlady Mon 28-Mar-16 06:28:26

Anti reflux milk has been revolutionary here. Although that's just with sickness not the sleep. We go away Friday, after that I'm starting a strict new routine. I was never like this with DD1 but I need my sanity back.

DD2 is still in Moses basket, our room. So getting her cot, blackout blinds etc & nap and bedtime are going to be sorted. We don't have enough naps, at all. And bedtime only I can put her to bed, not DP. It's getting ridiculous.

The exhaustion is just debilitating - I don't know what to suggest for anyone - I'm just muddling through day to day thinking "it won't always be like this" .... Gggrr

ohlittlepea Mon 28-Mar-16 07:01:05

New balls please your husband better be ordering you some treats from booja booja this instance or I will set mumsnet in him. I was dairy free for a year bfing Dd and it was miserable at times.

Lyssie is your hv any help? Most areas have a sleep referral service now it may be worth going to them to see if they can help.

It's so so hard getting no sleep flowers

lyssie29 Mon 28-Mar-16 07:37:35

I spoke to a hv, not my normal helpful one, and she didn't seem bothered she just said she might be hungry :-/ I'd just like to add although it's just been one night we had a better night last night. She didn't wake up until 3.30! Major improvement and then she went back to sleep until 6.30. It did take about half an hour to settle her at 3.30 after some milk because of the reflux but it's the best night she's had for ages. Holding out hope that she is finally getting over this....

Skiptonlass Mon 28-Mar-16 07:46:05

My almost 6 mo is the same, but without the reflux.

I think he's hungry. He's had a massive growth spurt and I can see and feel the difference in him. He's waking every hour or so and genuinely hungry.
Our solution has been to increase his solids and co sleep. He's now having three big bowls of oatmeal a day with mashed up plum/banana/ pear/avocado plus bf on demand. When he gets to the point he won't be resettled he comes in with us and just drinks all night.
Dh is getting up at five with him to give me an hour sleep in the morning and we are (just) surviving

It really sucks (no pun intended.) try Giving him some simple solids - he's fine at five months. And hang on in there. It's rough but it's a phase. flowers

Redhead79 Tue 29-Mar-16 11:35:26

Going through this too sad 19 week old has been steadily getting worse....last night she wouldn't settle past around 2.30 am. I'm hoping its teeth and will pass as we're both exhausted and out of ideas....

SouthernComforter Wed 30-Mar-16 08:20:46

Another 20-week-old sleep regressor here! I'm just about to write my own post. Hugs xx

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