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Sort of accidentally ended up co-sleeping

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MollyBloomYes Thu 25-Feb-16 20:41:58

And it was never really the plan! I'm following safe guidelines but tbh I'd really rather DS slept in his Moses basket. He's 9 weeks and will go in initially but once he wakes up for a feed he doesn't want to go back in. I have a toddler and I'm on my own (H buggered off four weeks before this one was born) and it just becomes easier to feed lying down and keep him there!

Just don't want it to become a huge habit, I know it's for some people but I'm also certain in six months time I'll want my bedroom back! Didn't have the option with my older child as my ex was such a fidgety and deep sleeper! He had been sleeping quite well in the Moses basket so not sure if I should just keep trying to put him down and hope he'll get back into it? Anyone any experience of phasing out co sleeping this early?

bittapitta Sat 27-Feb-16 15:49:55

Yes we managed it at 8 weeks - started using a baby sleeping bag (GroBag) in the cot. But do what you can to maximise your own sleep! Make sure co-sleeping is safe and keep at it while he wakes so often.

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