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Nearly 9 month old CONSTANTLY nursing during night

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PerpetualStudent Fri 12-Feb-16 15:29:21

I had some amazing advice here a couple of months ago which helped get my now almost 9 month DS into a great daytime nap/going to sleep routine - he now goes down for 8pm pretty much like clockwork, and barring the odd grumpy teething night might only need a quick resettle once or twice and then is out like a light until midnight-1am

My problem now is what happens next. We've always co-slept for that second part of the night, and overall it's worked really well, feeding to sleep at 1am, then another lying down feed somewhere around 4am, and then sleeping on until between 7-8am.

Since he had a tummy bug a few weeks ago though, it's changed so he constantly wants to be on the boob from the minute he gets into bed. Where I could move away a little once he de-latched, he'll now wake and start screaming if I so much as twitch away!

I'd have it down as comfort nursing, expect now by around 4am, where he would usually wake for a 2nd night feed, he's now starting to seriously kick off and a bottle settles him (we mix feed - he usually has a morning and evening bottle of 7 ounces, and between 1-3 breast feeds during the day, alongside 3 meals)

I'm linking this to the tummy bug in my mind, but he's also been grumpy with teething recently, has also starting crawling and pulling himself up on things, so it could be a growth spurt or leap.

In any case, I'm craving some more settled nights with less constant boobing! How can we do this? Any advice, especially if you went/are going through something similar, gratefully received!
I don't necessarily want to stop co-sleeping or night feeding all together, but I think I need to break this association for him that being in our bed = mummy on tap. Now he is so mobile I can feel quite under attack when he goes romping round the bed, grabbing bits of me until he finds a boob!!

PerpetualStudent Sat 13-Feb-16 11:25:34

Bumping - anyone?

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