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How do I get 10-week old to sleeeeep

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Tallulahoola Wed 20-Jan-16 21:39:21

Yes I know he's still tiny and that breastfed babies wake more often but surely he should be able to manage more than 2 hours at a time??!

Since he was about 8 weeks he's had a bedtime routine of sorts: in his sleeping bag, feed in a darkened room, cuddle then in his Moses basket. He usually goes down without much fuss at about 8.30pm (can't do it any earlier at the moment because I have DD to put to bed first). Then begins the biggest stretch of the night - he'll usually sleep for 3 hours. But after that it's no more than 2 hour stretches, sometimes as little as one. So an average night will see him wake up at


and every time he wakes crying. The basket is right by my bed so I can hear that occasionally it's wind that wakes him up, or milk that's sort of gurgling away in his gut. Then I just sit him up on my lap and calm him down and put him back. But 9 times out of 10 he seems to want feeding (or I feed him because I can't think of anything else to do because it's 3am and I don't have the energy). I feed him and he goes back down without crying again, though I do have to keep him sat up for 15 minutes or so.

Basically I'm shattered and desperate to get him sleeping longer. And before you say he'll naturally extend his sleep as the weeks go by - DD was exactly like this until she was a year old and I got tough and sleep trained her. Am I just unlucky or am I doing something wrong? I feed from both sides every time and he's gaining weight really well so I don't think I'm underfeeding him. His napping in the day is random though I try to put him down at the same sort of time. He can nap for 15 mins or 3 hours (3 hours!) but I can't see any correlation between length of naps and how he sleeps at night because the napping is always different but the nights are always the same.

I know you shouldn't compare to other people but every single person I know who had a baby around the same time as me has them sleeping for at least 4hours at a time and when I tell them about DD they look horrified. Do I just have to put up with it or is there some magic trick I can do?

SnozzberryMincePie Wed 20-Jan-16 21:46:05

Mine is nine weeks and in no routine at all, and I don't think he's ever slept for four hours in a row!

Can you go to bed with him at 8.30 some nights so you can sleep for a three hour stretch with him? Or put him to bed later.

Ds sleeps in my bed and I can feed him luing down, which means I don't need to fully wake up for night feeds, could you do the same?

FATEdestiny Wed 20-Jan-16 21:47:34

Feeding more frequently in the daytime may help, in the form of daytime calorie loading.

Good sleep promotes better sleep - so consistently regular daytime sleeps in vital at this newborn age. Watch awake time more than sleep time during the day - no more than about an hour awake between naps.

So really, just loads and loads and loads more feeding and sleeping through the daytime.

Nighttime swaddling and dummy may help.

Also 3-sided co-sleeper cot so that you can do the settling while lying in bed.

austengirl Thu 21-Jan-16 04:55:20

Tallula do you have my baby? hmm

His sleep patterns are almost exactly as you described. We had a couple longer stretches of nighttime sleep (ie almost 4 hours) the last couple nights as I've introduced a bedtime routine this week, but that went out the window today as he didn't get his midday nap and ended up sleeping from 5.30 to almost 9 this evening. He can sleep well in the car or pram, his baby bjorn seat and sometimes the sling, basically everywhere but in the snuzpod at night!

Currently he's asleep on me and I don't know if it's worth trying to get him back in the cot as 5am is often when it's hardest to resettle him. Mine seems to have a really strong startle reflex so swaddling does help a bit.

Everyone I know whose babies sleep through are girls. I tell myself that when the 3-4 month sleep 'regression' hits, we probably won't notice as there’s nothing to regress from!wink

Keep us posted how you get on--I'll let you know if I find the magic sleep bullet.

Clairecox82 Thu 21-Jan-16 06:05:00

Hi all! I have a similar situation (my boy will be 10 weeks tomorrow). However he was doing a 4-5 hour stretch followed by a 2 hour but over the last week he's gone backwards doing a 3 hour then 1 hour stretches. He's a very frequent feeder during the day, cluster feeds all evening and has gained weight well, (born 7lb 3 now 12lb 3) and is BF. He is terrible in not naping during the day and I've tried talking him out in the pram, bouncing him in his bouncer, using a dummy etc but most times he just won't give in even though he looks very tired... He is my first and I feel pretty lost as to what to do...sorry to hijack original post... X

Hagsville Thu 21-Jan-16 06:49:47

My 10 week old is the same! Never had massive stretches but would often sleep for 4 hours in the first part of the night, now she's waking every 2-3 hours. I feed her loads during the day, her naps aren't great, she'll only nap for a decent amount of time in the sling but tbh I've not noticed much affect on her bedtime sleep.
Sometimes she will resettle with the dummy being put back in though.
We haven't got a bedtime routine though as one hasn't really emerged yet, she just goes to bed when we go to bed at around 10.
Maybe it's a 10 week thing!

Hagsville Thu 21-Jan-16 06:53:40

Oh and I did wonder if it's something to do with the cold? Ive adjusted her nightwear accordingly but this seems to have coincided with the temperature dropping, but I'm clutching at straws there.

austengirl Thu 21-Jan-16 08:26:12

I'm trying to only use the dummy when soothing to transition to sleep and have had some success. He's started rubbing his eyes now too--at first I wasn’t sure if it was a random gesture but he definitely looks tired when he does it repeatedly, so I treat that as a sleep cue now.

FATEDestiny has a lot of interesting and useful info on sleep in other threads, so read her posts (if you haven't already).

DS is my first too and I rarely have a clue what I'm doing. Doesn't help that my parents went on and on about what great sleepers my sister and I were. confused they've stopped that now they know their grandson isn't!

Clairecox82 Thu 21-Jan-16 10:47:30

Austengirl I have been reading FATEs posts and think lack of day time naps are definitely a factor but I just need to find a way to get him to sleep. Have tried bouncing and dummy to no avail, be sleeps only when the pram is moving and even then not every time...also this time of year time to be outside is a bit limited, he wakes as soon as I stop and knows when I'm faking I.e . just pushing him around at home...if only they had an off/snooze button hey? You saying about your parents I have the apposite as my mum tells me I didn't sleep through unit I was 15 months old and even then that was a one off so I think she's secretly enjoying this, lol. I'm looking forward to him being a teen when I intend to jump up and down on the end of his bed at 5am...x

SnozzberryMincePie Thu 21-Jan-16 13:51:01

Ds is my second and I still don't know what I'm doing grin

Actually I think the lesson I learnt with my first is that babies sleep if and when they want, so this time I am spending less time trying to get him to sleep and trying to work around him (eg by sleeping when he sleeps, toddler permitting). I don't think how they sleep now has much impact on their long term sleep, there are so many changes and sleep regressions over the first year. dd didn't sleep through till she was over one year old (despite me trying every trick in the book) but now she is three she hardly ever wakes in the night.

WalkThePlank0 Thu 21-Jan-16 16:04:28

DS2 my second and i don't know what I'm doing too. He's 7 weeks. Sleeps bout 8.30 to 12.30ish and then to 4 or 5. But when he wakes I feed him straight away. Spend ages winding him, change nappy (sometimes) then final comfort feed. Then he sleeps for another 3 to 4 hours. If I don't do this he wakes with wind. Takes at least an hour , often more but is worth it, I think, then same again at 4 feed. HTH.

Tallulahoola Thu 21-Jan-16 19:46:50

Thanks everyone for the replies. Makes me feel so much better to know it's not just my baby who's doing this. Hope everyone's nights improve soon. If anyone magically cracks it then please come back and post on here...

FATEdestiny I was intending to follow your advice today but of course today he decided to sleep no longer than 15 minutes at every nap time sad so god knows what tonight will be like. I'm going to bed when DD does at 8.30pm. Such exciting lives we lead!

Tallulahoola Thu 21-Jan-16 19:48:27

That should be DS, not DD. I'm so sleep deprived I've forgotten what kind I've got blush

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