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19mo sleep - at my wits end

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coldofhands Mon 18-Jan-16 15:36:15

My lb is 19mo and has rarely slept through. Things used to be manageable as all he really wanted was a quick feed and then you could pop him down to settle. However, for about three months he won't settle any more, you can only put him down fast asleep. And he's waking at least twice, and one of those wake ups is for at least two hours.

He does have multiple food allergies, although I don't think he's reacting to anything at the moment. We are still breastfeeding, although he's down to a couple of feeds in the day.

We can't co-sleep as I have epilepsy. My husband helps when he can but he has to drive for work, so safety wise has to be rested.

I'm desperate, exhausted and feel like death warmed up at the moment - any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Barbie1 Mon 18-Jan-16 15:41:01

I feel for you.

My dc3 is almost 16 months and we are still getting between 4-8 wake ups a night sad I moved the sofa bed next to his cot and now try not to feed him in the night. This results in lots of tears and crying but I do belief he is waking out of habit rather than necessity.

Dh takes in turns with me, we started it last month and we had an improvement within three days but then ds got sick and I resorted to feeding him again in hope it would offer him comfort. So back to square one!

Will try again tonight.....wink

FATEdestiny Mon 18-Jan-16 18:25:14

As baby grows into a toddler, so comes the situation where the child doesn't want milk, isn't hungry. In fact could be feeling quite full and not feeling like wanting any milk at all. But is tired and desperate to go to sleep.

As such it's really hard for baby. Wants to go to sleep, doesn't want milk, cant go to sleep without milk.

Your best bet to would be to separate feeding and sleeping. Teach baby to go to sleep in her cot. Look up the shush pat method or the pat pat method for this.

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