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Sleepless nights

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Shazza19901 Thu 14-Jan-16 08:45:31

My beautiful boy is almost 7months, has slept through the night since he was 8 weeks old up until a couple of weeks ago. He goes to sleep around 7.30 but garunteed he'll wake up at 12, then 1, then 2 ect ect.
Hes not hungry and i dont want to be getting into the habbit of night feeds again. When he is in his cot hes moving alot, i wake up to him laying on his tummy wanting to play. He has a 2 hour nap (1hr in am and another 1hr in pm) hes filling his timmy with solids and not taking much milk. Im just wandering if all of this is normal and hoping im not the only one. Thanks x

NickyEds Fri 15-Jan-16 21:48:17

With my ds 7-11 months were a really bad sleep time. It was when he learnt to crawl and pull himself up on furniture along with other developmental leaps. Imagine if tomorrow you learnt how to fly- it would keep you up wouldn't it?! Well, that's how I liked to think of it!

Are you certain he's not hungry? How much milk is he having? 7 months is very, very young to be cutting back on milk by a large degree. My ds wasn't night weaned until 11 months, he was ready by then but at 7 months he did really still need a night feed. Also, could he be over tired? 2 hours in total during the day isn't very much for a 7 month old.

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