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Day time nap for 11m old

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OpheliaMoo Thu 07-Jan-16 15:00:31

Until very recently DD napped whilst/after breastfeeding. In the last few weeks she breastfed but didn't really nap or napped for about 30 mins (twice a day).

Back to work next week and we seem to have naturally stopped BF'ing this week sad although good timing for work.

However now I can barely get her to nap - only if she's in the car. She starts nursery in two weeks and I don't know how they'll settle her down...because I don't know how to!

How on earth do I get her to take daytime naps?! She just doesn't seem interested although clearly tired.

At night time she has a good routine and sleeps well but we haven't cracked it during the day despite trying in the past even though I was breastfeeding. It just resulted in hysteria her, not me at being put down to try and sleep.

What should we do?

Any suggestions please!?

FATEdestiny Thu 07-Jan-16 18:36:31

Nurseries are really great at getting babies to nap in the daytime - they have a good set of skills and experience in doing it with lots o different types of children.

So the fact that she's about to start nursery is good timing for naps to go to pot. At least you won't have a load of half-started settling techniques that are neither established nor working very well.

In your position I would follow nurseries lead. Explain to them what has happened. Tell them you want DD to nap but are at a loss as to how to get her to sleep now BF has stopped. Let them be the ones to establish a new settling mechanism (assuming she will be there often) and then you follow their lead at home.

OpheliaMoo Thu 07-Jan-16 20:47:57

Hmm yes that's a good idea, like you say, it saves having a load of half-arsed routines and we can follow their lead!

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