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putting my baby in her own room

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Kaz4755 Tue 24-Nov-15 16:21:08

Hi, I was just wondering what to do. My daughter is 20 weeks old and sleeping has been an utter nightmare. The last month has been a turning point as we have been able to put her to sleep in the crib in our room more or less consistently at 7pm before she wakes at ten ish for a feed. After that it tends to go down hill, she wakes every couple of hours before waking at 4.45 and needing a lot of shushing to go back to sleep for ten minutes and we repeat that until about 5.45 when she is awake and ready to get up! I feed her each time she wakes but having seen the health visitor today she said at her weight and age she should only wake twice a night and to put her in her own room so we don't disturb her and perhaps wake her. I know the guidelines for cot death are six months. What would you do? Should I only feed her twice and put her in her own room? I breastfeed apart from her 7pm feed which is a formula bottle. Thank you.

youlemming Tue 24-Nov-15 23:36:02

I'd give it a go, we put DD1 in her room once she was too big for the moses as didn't have room for a cot in ours. I think it helped as we would all wake each other, I would hear the tiniest movements and wake then be moving about trying to get back to sleep and this would wake her and the circle would begin.
Are you feeding each time because she is hungry or using it as a comforter to get her back to sleep, if the later I would only feed if it's absolutely clear she's hungry as it could become a habit to use the breast as a sleep aid and the night waking will continue.

Caterina99 Wed 25-Nov-15 01:05:14

I moved my DS to his own room at about 3 months as none of us were getting much sleep disturbing each other. However his room is right next door to mine and his cot is only about 6 foot from my bed, so with the doors open he's practically in our room! I kept the travel cot in our room for a few weeks just in case I wanted to move him back. You could try and see how it goes? I'd maybe try to see if she'd settle without a feed every time she wakes up. I usually rock my DS back to sleep if he wakes and it's not close to his normal feed time, but if he won't settle within 10 min or he's back awake in an hour or less then I feed.

TheVeryHungryScreamerpillar Wed 25-Nov-15 12:04:22

My DS went into his own room at 14 weeks when I got a stinking head cold. He slept so much better in there and so did we.
He dropped from 2 night feeds to 1 within about a week of the move and he used to wake up so happy, cooing away in his cot.

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